6/26/2013 Modern Kicks

Playlist Tracks: 
The Exploding Hearts - Modern Kicks
Album: Guitar Romantic; Label: Dirtnap; 2003
Plateaus - Blackout
Album: Plateaus; Label: Art Fag; 2012
Crocodiles - Electric Death Song
Album: Endless Flowers; Label: Frenchkiss; 2012
Massenger - Power to the PPL
Album: Massenger; Label: Self-Released; 2012
Scared of Chaka - Full Moon Blackout
Album: Tired of You; Label: Hopeless/Sub City; 1999
Hüsker Dü - Powerline
Album: New Day Rising; Label: SST; 1985
Beat Mark - Electric
Album: Howls of Joy; Label: Final Taxi; 2013
The Thermals - Power Doesn't Run on Nothing
Album: The Body, The Blood, The Machine; Label: Sub Pop; 2006
Nude Beach - What Can You Do
Album: What Can You Do (7"); Label: Other Music; 2013
Wyatt Blair - You & I (Are Just Letters in the Alphabet)
Album: Banna Cream Dream (CS); Label: Burger; 2013
Dead Ghosts - On Your Own
Album: Can't Get No; Label: Burger; 2013
They Might Be Giants - Don't Let's Start
Album: They Might Be Giants; Label: Restless; 1986
The Courtneys - 90210
Album: The Courtneys; Label: Hockey Dad; 2013
La Sera - I Can't Keep You in My Mind
Album: Sees the Light; Label: Hardly Art; 2012
Serfs - Egg Bloom
Album: Common Feelings EP; Label: Self-Released; 2013
The White Stripes - Lafayette Blues
Album: Lafayette Blues (7"); Label: Italy; 1998
The Eeries - No Fun
Album: Home Alone; Label: Evil Weevil; 2012
The Unwed Teenage Mothers - Wish You Were Older
Album: Forever Until You Are Bones (7"); Label: Hiss Lisp; 2013
Fuzz - You Won't See Me
Album: Sleigh Ride (7"); Label: Trouble in Mind; 2013
The Ballantynes - Faith
Album: Faith (7"); Label: La Ti Da; 2013
Ketamines - All the Colours of Your Heart
Album: All the Colours of Your Heart (7"); Label: Piescence; 2013
The Zoltars - All My Friends
Album: Live Like Dragons EP; Label: CQ; 2013
Los Vigilantes - Un Tono Mas Siniestra (Paint It Black)
Album: Their Hispanic Majesties Request; Label: Norton; 2010
Ben Gibbard - Friends in the City
Album: Rated GG; Label: Self-Released; 2011
The Penetrators - Teenage Lifestyle
Album: Kings of Basement Rock; Label: Slovenly; 2013
Birthday Suits - Lost Weekends
Album: The Minnesota: Mouth to Mouth; Label: Nice & Neat; 2010
Guided by Voices - Back to the Lake
Album: Universal Truths and Cycles; Label: Matador; 2003
The Rangdangs - Brain
Album: Yelling for Your Ears; Label: Burger; 2013
Jaill - Pointy Fingers
Album: Point Fingers (Single); Label: Sub Pop; 2013
The Clash - Koka Kola
Album: London Calling; Label: Epic; 1977
Parquet Courts - Borrowed Time
Album: Light Up Gold; Label: Dull Tools; 2013
Marvelous Darlings - I Don't Wanna Go to the Party
Album: I Don't Wanna Go to the Party (7"); Label: Deranged; 2007
Air Date: 
June 26, 2013

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