6/23/2013 Strictly Butter

Playlist Tracks: 
Bomb Funk - Free Styler
Album: In Steleo; Label: Vigga
Daft Funk - Too Long Steam
Album: Unknown; Label: Unknown
The Prodigy - Thunder
Album: Warriors Must Die; Label: Cooking Vinyl Ltd
Beastie Boys - Body Moving Remix
Album: Single; Label: Grand Royal
Crystal Method - Name of the Game
Album: Tweekend; Label: Geffen
Adell - Skyfall DJ Puar Mix
Album: Unknown; Label: Zeridox
Planet Nurek - DJ Puar
Album: Unknown; Label: Zeridox
DJ Spooky - Unknown
Album: Object unknown; Label: Unknown
O Fortuna - Pressed On Beats
Album: Unknown; Label: Zeridox
Jumirouquni - Everyday
Album: Single; Label: Work
Bad Chiall - DJ Oolong
Album: Single; Label: Zeridox
Beastie Boys - Sure Shot
Album: Unknown; Label: Unknown
Beck - Where its at
Album: Single; Label: Geffen
Lupe Fiasco - Around my way
Album: Single; Label: Atlantic Recording
NIN - Perfect Drug
Album: Last Hiuuy Soundtrack; Label: Unknown
Korn - Blind
Album: Korn; Label: Unknown
Tool - Sober
Album: Unknown; Label: Unknown
Inbbutaa - Pischhe
Album: Unknown; Label: Unknown
Air Date: 
June 23, 2013