6/21/2013 Jet Set Planet


Episode #411 - They just keep listening, and listening, and listening, over, and over, and over again!

N=Artist's Debut on the program
*=song enjoyed especially by Carol Nethery-Powell!

Playlist Tracks: 
Mae West - Day Tripper
Album: Way Out West; Label: Tower
The Bat Boys - The Villian Strikes
Album: Batman; Label: GNP
Bob Rosengarden and Phil Kraus - Speak Low
Album: Percussion Playful and Pretty; Label: RCA
Ray Martin - Flash! There Goes Gordon!
Album: Comic Strip Favorites; Label: RCA
The Agents - Casino Royale
Album: Themes for Secret Agents; Label: GNP
The Jazz All Stars - Win, Lose or Spy
Album: Thunderball and other Secret Agent Themes; Label: Somerset
Mundell Lowe and his All Stars - Markam Theme
Album: Themes from Mr. Lucky and other TV Action Jazz; Label: Somerset
Ray Anthony - Walkin' to Mothers
Album: Like Wild!; Label: RCA
Ross Bagdasarian - Bagdad Express
Album: The Mixed-Up World of Bagdasarian; Label: MGM
Les Baxter - Under the Roaring Waterfall
Album: Alakazam the Great; Label: MGM
Pete Rugolo - Drumerama
Album: Percussion at Work; Label: RCA
Vincent Bell - Echoes of Spain
Album: The Soundtronic Guitar of Vincent Bell; Label: Musicor
Pete Drake - Clinging Vine
Album: Talking Steel & Singing Strings; Label: CBS
George Barnes and Carl Kress - Willow Weep for Me
Album: Guitars, Anyone?; Label: Mercury
The Mind Expanders - Pictures at a Psychedelic Art Exhibition
Album: What's Happening!; Label: GNP
Dick Hyman - Booty Butt
Album: Fantomfingers; Label: Project 3
Dominic Frontiere - Love Theme
Album: Washington Behind Closed Doors; Label: ABC
Al Cooper - The Landlord
Album: The Landlord; Label: UA
Stu Phillips - Cascais
Album: Follow Me; Label: UNI
Enoch Light - Prelude for Young Lovers
Album: Permissive Polyphonics; Label: Project 3
Henry Mancini - Soft Scene
Album: The Thief Who Came to Dinner; Label: RCA
Dick Hyman - Kolumbo
Album: The Age of Electronicus; Label: Command
Leo Arnaud - Beguiner's Luck
Album: Marimbita; Label: MGM
Bill Page - Nature Boy
Album: Sounds of the Sonic Sixties; Label: RCA
The Agents - The Fugitive Theme
Album: Themes for Secret Agents; Label: UA
Don Ralke - Black Panther
Album: The Savage and the Sensuous Bongos; Label: Crown
{*}{R}Hugo Montenegro - Feel Like Makin' Love
Album: Others by Brothers; Label: RCA
Air Date: 
June 21, 2013

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