6/19/2013 Echo Chamber


Summer's here...and tons of new music to fill the airwaves. Starting things tonight with the first release on the new Dub-o-phonic netlabel, the excellent "Creation" album from Dub-I. This was followed by the very cool new Sound & Power Version of the "Two-Edged Sword" track from Profit out of Berlin. Also new tonight were releases by Manudub (on Ape Choons), Cornell Campbell, Red Barrio, Patko, Piper St. Sound, Mykal Rose, Archie Pelago, The Lions, and Mutant Frogs. Another highlight of the show was Emch's Subatomic Sound Radio Mix from Red Light Radio - which featured lots of Lee Scratch Perry in the mix. Filling things out with tunes from DJCris Macumbadub, Malika Madremana, Brownout, Tsunami Wazahari, SXtheMadArtist, Tommy McCook & the Supersonics, YesKing, Jah Wobble, Steffe, Bob Marley & the Wailers/Bill Laswell, Ticklah, Love Trio in Dub ft. U-Roy, and more...

Playlist Tracks: 
*Dub-I - Weed War
Album: Creation; Label: Dubophonic
Tsunami Wazahari - Mantra fi Them
Album: Soma Hi-Fi; Label: Fresh Poulp
*The Lions - This Generation
Album: This Generation; Label: Stones Throw
*Profit - Two-Edged Sword (Sound & Power Version)
Album: Two-Edged Sword - Sound & Power single; Label: Hard: Edged
*Profit - Two-Edged Sword (Dub)
Album: Two-Edged Sword - Sound & Power single; Label: Hard: Edged
*Cornell Campbell - Gun Powder
Album: New Scroll; Label: Zion High Prod.
*Mykal Rose - Gunfighter (Ethio Beat Version)
Album: Showdown Inna Bloody Town; Label: Foreign Key
*Archie Pelago - Carmen on Gold Dt.
Album: download; Label: soundcloud.com
YesKing - Sweet King (instrumental)
Album: Re-Record Not Fade Away - Instrumentals; Label: BBE
DJCris Macumbadub - Babylon Dubtractor
Album: download; Label: soundcloud.com
Rebelution - Dubzilla
Album: Bright Side of Life; Label: self-release
Malika Madremana - Let Mi Lion Roam
Album: The Race; Label: Big Cup Music
*Manudub - Nocturnal Weed
Album: Urban Ninja; Label: Ape Choons
Fish & Goat at the Controls - Dub Warmth
Album: Sound 'n' Pressure Story v.a.; Label: Reggae Archives
Brownout - Olvidalo (J Boogie Drumapella Remix)
Album: Aguilas & Cobras - Remixed & Regrooved; Label: Six Degrees
*Red Barrio - Tequila Lounge
Album: N/A; Label: soundcloud.com
*** Emch (Subatomic Sound) - (excerpt) Subatomic Sound Radio Mix on Red Light Radio ***
Album: N/A; Label: http://www.redlightradio.net/
*Alois Huber/Oh Gee - Dub Max (ft. Supermax)
Album: Chill Max/Dubmax single; Label: Dubonwax
*Patko - No Gun
Album: Just Take it Easy; Label: P. Josafath Production/Youz
Los Transatlanticos - Baila Cumbia (Chris Read's Latin Concrete Dub)
Album: Edna's Delight/Desde Colombia/Baila Cumbia; Label: BBE
*Piper St. Sound - Oppidan
Album: download; Label: soundcloud.com
Love Trio - Flight in Dub (DJ Cil's Organic Mix)
Album: Love Trio in Dub ft. U-Roy; Label: Nublu
SXtheMadArtist - Volcanos and Rivers
Album: In HRZland; Label: self-release
*Mutant Frogs - The Eye of Cyclophibius
Album: unreleased; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Tommy McCook & the Supersonics (dubbed by Errol Brown) - Dub On Little Girl
Album: Treasure Dub vols. 1 & 2; Label: Treasure Isle/Culture Press
Dub Specialist - Starring Dub
Album: 17 Dub Shots from Studio One; Label: Studio 1/Heartbeat
Tommy McCook & the Supersonics (dubbed by Errol Brown) - Balistic Queen
Album: Treasure Dub vols. 1 & 2; Label: Treasure Isle/Culture Press
The Upsetters - Deep and Deadly (exclusive dub plate mix)
Album: The Return of Sound System Scratch; Label: Pressure Sounds
Impact All Stars - Shining Dub
Album: Forward the Bass - Dub from Randy's 1972-1975; Label: B&F
Blackbeard (a.k.a. Dennis Bovell) - Reflections
Album: I Wah Dub; Label: More Cut/EMI
Dennis Bovell (a.k.a. Blackbeard) - Cabbage
Album: Brain Damage; Label: Front Line/EMI
Yah Congo/King Tubby/Professor - Having a Nightmare
Album: Yah Congo meets King Tubby & Professor at Dub Table; Label: ROIR
Nick Holder - Moments in Dub
Album: Dub Selector 2 v.a.; Label: Quango
Pecker (a.k.a. Jah Pelikaho) - Kylyn (ft. Sly, Robbie, Marcia Griffiths, Judy Mowatt, Anicia Banks, etc.)
Album: (Pecker & v.a.) 21st Century Dub; Label: ROIR Europe/Danceteria
Jah Wobble - Beat the Drum for Me
Album: ...in "Betrayal"; Label: Virgin
Mutant Frogs - Cassini at Titan
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Steffe - Zero Gravity
Album: Bubbled Up on Dub vol. one - Natural Progression v.a.; Label: Gliss
Steffe - Celebration
Album: Bubbled Up on Dub vol. one - Natural Progression v.a.; Label: Gliss
Total Science - Squeeze
Album: 12"; Label: Partisan
Random Logic - Malluma
Album: Vengo EP; Label: The Blak Label
Bob Marley & the Wailers/Bill Laswell - Exodus
Album: Dreams of Freedom - Ambient Translations of Bob Marley in Dub; Label: Island/Axiom
Ticklah - Space Root
Album: Polydemic; Label: Razorfish
Air Date: 
June 19, 2013