6/9/2013 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Short Subjects - From the Champaign-Urbana Radio Theater in Illinois we have a pair from the light suspense category.  First up is Playing Go Fish With Death, whose title is pretty self-explanatory.

Next up is Customer Relations, from Aural Stage's Dialed In series.  It has a man who wants to have the chip in his head removed, and finds out that it is more complicated than he imagined.

Feature Presentation - The other piece from C.U.R.T. is Security, wherein an author has one of her characters unexpectedly appear in her home.  He offers her something she has always wanted, but it interferes with her writing.  So she has to decide what to do about it. 


Playlist Tracks: 
C.U.R.T. - Playing Go Fish with Death
Album: Playing Go Fish with Death; Label: Champaign-Urbana Radio Theater
Matthew Beaudreau - Customer Relations
Album: Dialed In; Label: auralstage.com
Dree Nagel - Security
Album: Security; Label: Champaign-Urbana Radio Theater
Air Date: 
June 9, 2013

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