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Wrongfully Convicted by Julia Lundberg 
Maurice Caldwell is just one of hundreds of former inmates whose convictions have been overturned after spending years in prison. Now,Caldwell is working on his case, hoping to prove not only that he had a mistrial, but he’s factually innocent. 

Life After Exoneration by Evan Roberts
Rick Walker was an auto mechanic living in East Palo Alto. In January of 1991, the body of his ex-girlfriend Lisa Hopewell was found bound, gagged and mutilated. The murderer fingered Rick as an accomplice and a jury convicted him of the killing. Mr. Walkerserved the next 12 years in maximum security prisons. Now, he's out -- and we're going to take a glimpse at how he and his family are adapting to life -- after exoneration.

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June 5, 2013

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