6/2/2013 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Feature Presentation - We continue in the suspense / mystery / horror genre with three of a not-so-serious nature.

Telegram to Satan! - Julie Hoverson sends us this piece from her 19 Nocturne Boulevard podcast.  It's some more adventures of Team E-O at the World Bugle tabloid newspaper.  A story about cows turns into much more weird than anyone expected.

The Champaign-Urbana Radio Theater offers up Tundra Games, by Pat Gabridge.  It's two people at a remote cabin, in a blizzard, plotting a murder. 

And from the Willamette Radio Workshop, in Oregon, we get a short from their Murder of Crows live broadcast.  It's Why I'll Never Go Back to Albuquerque, by William E. Gregory.  Produced and directed by Sam A. Mowry.  A Native-American supernatural tale.


Playlist Tracks: 
Julie Hoverson - Telegram To Satan!
Album: 19 Nocturne Boulevard; Label: 19nocturneboulevard.com
Pat Gabridge - Tundra Games
Album: Tundra Games; Label: C.U.R.T.
William Gregory - Why I'll Never Go Back to Albuquerque
Album: A Murder of Crows; Label: www.radiowork.com
Air Date: 
June 2, 2013

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