5/31/2013 Jet Set Planet


Episode #408 The packing for Florida Mix otherwise known as the Bahi Hut Song - includes a really weird 13 minute opus from the Heller Corporation called Creative Freakout!

N=Artist's Debut on the Program

Playlist Tracks: 
Alan Tew Sound - Trouble Shooter
Album: Latin Style; Label: EMI
Birds and Brass - Swamp Water
Album: Soundsational Sort of Sound; Label: MCA
Piero Umiliani - Tra La Gente
Album: La Ragazza Fuori Strada; Label: Right Tempo
Alberto Bembo - tema di Barbara
Album: Smart Set; Label: Right Tempo
Pablo Hernandez and Sus Vocalistas - Sabor A Mi
Album: Bolero; Label: Fontana
Piero Piccioni - Narcotics Bureau
Album: Puppet on a Chain; Label: Collectibles
Lord John and Tony Ashton - Hollis' Getaway
Album: Last Rebel; Label: Tower
Lalo Schifrin - Fear
Album: Mannix; Label: Paramount
Bill Loose - Cherry and Raquel
Album: Cherry… and Harry and Raquel; Label: Tower
Augie Colon - Witch Doctor
Album: Chant of the Jungle; Label: Liberty
Bahi Hut Singers - Bahi Hut Jingle
Album: Bahi Hut; Label: Bahi Hut
Fisherman - Otto's Shrunken Isle
Album: Psychic Jungle Malfunction; Label: Fisherman Burlesque
Jet Set Swe - Kriminalbyran Svit Part III
Album: From Sweden To You; Label: SWE
Kenyon Hopkins - By-Line
Album: The Reporter; Label: CBS
Quincy Jones - She Hangs Out (Doin' the Dentist)
Album: Cactus Flower; Label: Mercury
Kenyon Hopkins - Deserted Canary
Album: The Yellow Canary; Label: CBS
Maurice Jarre - Chiquita's Dance
Album: The Professionals; Label: CBS
Quincy Jones - Lonely Bottles
Album: In Cold Blood; Label: UA
Kenyon Hopkins - Get Crazy
Album: The Fugitive Kind; Label: CBS
{N} Heller Corp - Creative Freakout - Side 1
Album: Creative Freakout; Label: Heller Corp
Elmer Bernstein - Thinking of Baby
Album: Staccato; Label: CBS
Bobby Christian - Midnight Sun
Album: Strings for a Space Age; Label: RCA
Elmer Bernstein - Big "O"
Album: The Silencers; Label: UA
Charles Bernstein - Cocktails at the Pool
Album: Gator; Label: MCA
Chaino - Gone Ape
Album: Africana and Beyond; Label: Tampa
Air Date: 
May 31, 2013

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