5/29/2013 Echo Chamber


After taking a week off, Dr. StrangeDub returned to the airwaves with a ton of new music.  Kicked off the fun with the excellent Dubmatix "Rebel Massive" album, and followed this with the new Dubology "Dub Experiments" album. From there we moved into the new Tribe Called Red "Nation II Nation" album; Taj Weekes & Adowa's new "Pariah In Transit " live album (on Jatta); Longman's new "Akhenaten's Dream"; Calma Dub's "Tango Jango EP" (on Ape Choons) ; the great new "Signs & Wonders In Dub" from Dub Club (Tom Chasteen & Tippa Lee) on Stones Throw; and the new "Freedom Train" single from Victor Essiet & the Mandators. Also tonight was the debut of "The Eye of Cyclophibius" and "That was Now; This is Then" from the Mutant Frogs.  In the middle of the show we ran part 1 of this year's "Around the World in 20+ Dubs" special - where StrangeDub joined TurnTableTerrorist (Terry C) on "Echo Beach" for the 7th annual dubwise trip.  And this was just the beginning... Also tonight: Indigenous Resistance ft. Jimmy Dick, Black Roots, Jungle Hammer, Marcia Aitken & Trinity, Dub Caravan meets Hornsman Coyote, Augustus Pablo/King Tubby, Ernest Ranglin, The English Beat, and much more...

Playlist Tracks: 
*Dubmatix - Liberation (ft. Longfingah)
Album: Rebel Massive; Label: Echo Beach
*Dubology - The Last Battle
Album: Dub Experiments; Label: reggaedub.be (free download)
*Victor Essiet & the Mandators - Freedom Train (ft. StyLis)
Album: TBD; Label: Mystic Records
*A Tribe Called Red - Pbc (ft. Sheldon Sundown)
Album: Nation II Nation; Label: Pirates Blend / Tribal Spirit Music
*Dub Club (Tom Chasteen & Tippa Lee) - Dub Me Now Star
Album: Signs & Wonders In Dub; Label: Stones Throw
King Tubby - Youth Man
Album: King Tubby's Special '73-'76 (2-CD); Label: Trojan
*Black Roots - Move On
Album: Black Roots; Label: Bristol Archives/Nubian
*Longman - The Expansion of Consciousness
Album: Akhenaten's Dream; Label: self -release
*Longman - The Reference Point
Album: Akhenaten's Dream; Label: self -release
*Calma Dub - Tango Jango
Album: Tango Jango EP; Label: Ape Choons
*Taj Weekes & Adowa - Propaganda War
Album: Pariah In Transit (Live!); Label: Jatta Records
Indigenous Resistance ft. Jimmy Dick - Sacred Power (Dr. Das Ragga Mix)
Album: Dubversive (IR25); Label: Indigenous Resistance
*A Tribe Called Red - The Road
Album: Nation II Nation; Label: Pirates Blend / Tribal Spirit Music
Indigenous Resistance - Sacred Land (Drum & Bass Mix)
Album: DUBz for DJs2 [promo]; Label: Indigenous Resistance
*** Dr. Strangedub & Turntable Terrorist - Around the World in 20+ Dubs (WLUW-FM) part 2 - start *** - -
Album: -; Label: -
The Gentlemen’s Dub Club [UK] - All Around the World
Album: N/A; Label: Live at Chai Wallahs Sunrise Celebration
Moodphase 5 [S. Africa] - Paradise Syndrome (DJ Dope & Farmer Brian dub version)
Album: In Superdeluxe Mode; Label: African Dope
Dub Terminator [New Zealand/Italy] - Bad Mind (Dr. Cat Remix)
Album: Echo Chamber: Around the World in Dub Vol. 3 & 4; Label: Dan Dada Records [Upcoming release]
Timshel [Senegal] - Jah Bless
Album: Jah Bless; Label: TimshelBand
Wicked Dub Division [Italy] - Perseverance
Album: Italian Dub Community Showcase, Vol. 3; Label: Dub Militant
Kazuhiko Kato [Japan] - Around the World (Dub Version
Album: L’Opera Fragile; Label: Warners
Stereotyp Meets Al’Haca [Austria] - Synthesis (featuring Sara)
Album: Phase Three; Label: Klein Records
Negritage [Argentina] - Dub Foundation Sound
Album: Echo Chamber: Around the World in Dub Vol. 3 & 4; Label: Dan Dada Records [Upcoming release]
Zafayah Meets Dub Caravan [Bulgaria/Palestine] - Twenty Fuss Dub
Album: Out Loud; Label: Dread Camel Records
Joe Gibbs [Jamaica] - Dub Three
Album: African Dub Almighty, Chapter 3; Label: Lightning Records
*** Dr. Strangedub & Turntable Terrorist - Around the World in 20+ Dubs (WLUW-FM) part 2 - end *** - -
Album: -; Label: -
*Mutant Frogs - That was Now; This is Then
Album: unreleased; Label: Skankworks/IMT
The English Beat - Which Side of the Bed? (Extended)
Album: The Complete Beat 5cd box set; Label: Go Feet/SHOUT Factory
Thievery Corporation - Shiva (Govinda Remix)
Album: Babylon Central sdtk.; Label: ESL
Iain Bellamy - All Men Amen
Album: Music with No Name v.a.; Label: B+W
James Hardway - (Justice's Sctatch the Surface Mix)
Album: A Positive Sweat; Label: Streetbeat
Jungle Hammer - My Life as a Furry Space Beetle
Album: Jeff Dread presents Dub for the Masses vol. 2; Label:
Nicolas Jaar & Theatre Roosevelt - The Ego
Album: download single; Label: soundcloud.com
The Interruptor - African Satellite Dub
Album: Roots of Dub Funk 4 v.a.; Label: Tanty
Marcia Aitken & Trinity - I'm Not a Queen/Duck Boy
Album: Joe Gibbs Reggae Discomix Showcase vol. 3; Label: 17 N. Parade/JGM
*Mutant Frogs - The Eye of Cyclophibius
Album: unreleased; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Dub Caravan meets Hornsman Coyote - Trail of Tears
Album: Breath of Peace; Label: Dread Camel
Caravan Palace - Glory of Nelly
Album: Panic; Label: Wagram
Ernest Ranglin - Satta Massagana
Album: Below the Bassline; Label: Island Jamaica Jazz
Augustus Pablo - King Tubby meets the Rockers Uptown
Album: King Tubby meets the Rockers Uptown; Label: Shanachie
Ernest Ranglin - King Tubby meets the Rockers
Album: below the bassline; Label: Island Jamaica Jazz
Roots Radics meets King Tubbys - The Highest
Album: More Dangerous Dub; Label: Greensleeves
Mutant Frogs - Dub Travels
Album: Echo Chamber - Around the World in Dub Pts. 1&2 ; Label: Dan Dada
Dean Fraser - Big Up/Armageddon Time
Album: Big Up!; Label: Island Jamaica Jazz
Jah Wobble & Deep Space - Hartlepool
Album: Largely Live in Hartlepool and Manchester; Label: 30 Hertz
Mutant Frogs - Ska of the East (excerpt)
Album: unreleased; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Caravan Palace - Star Scat
Album: Caravan Palace; Label: Wagram
Air Date: 
May 29, 2013