5/29/2013 Modern Kicks

Playlist Tracks: 
The Exploding Hearts - Modern Kicks
Album: Guitar Romantic; Label: Dirtnap; 2003
Drinking Flowers - Sink
Album: Sanity Restored 1972 (CS); Label: Lolipop!; 2013
Beach Day - Stay
Album: Trip Trap Attack; Label: Kanine; 2013
Peach Kelli Pop - Stay Away
Album: VA: Willfully Obscure (CS); Label: Burger; 2012
Outer Spaces - I Was Divided
Album: Singles Going Home Alone (7"); Label: Matador; 2013
Mikal Cronin - Change
Album: MCII; Label: Merge; 2013
Mrs. Magician - I Know What Girls Like
Album: Prescription Vision (7"); Label: Grizzly; 2012
King Tuff - Just Strut
Album: Was Dead; Label: The Colonel; 2008
Wolf Alice - Bros
Album: Bros (7"); Label: Rough Trade; 2013
Super Wild Horses - Alligator
Album: Crosswords; Label: Dot Dash; 2013
Winter - Daydreaming
Album: Daydreaming (CD); Label: Self-Released; 2012
The Ruskettes - Tell Me Why
Album: Tell Me Why (7"); Label: Elephant; 2012
Dante Elephante - Never Trust a Junkie
Album: German Aquatics (CS); Label: Lolipop!; 2013
Bed Bugs - Blinds
Album: Rapids; Label: Burger; 2013
No Joy - Hare Tarot Lies
Album: Wait to Pleasure; Label: Mexican Summer; 2013
Cheryll - I Wonder
Album: Demos; Label: Self-Released; 2012
Cascadia - Yours
Album: Level Trust EP; Label: Green Burrito; 2013
Wilberforces - Black Ice
Album: Paradise Beach; Label: Muzai; 2013
Prissy Clerks - Bruise or Be Bruised
Album: Bruise or Be Bruised; Label: Forged Artifacts; 2012
Sauna Youth - False Jesii Pt.II
Album: False Jesii Pt.II (7"); Label: Static Shock; 2013
Sic Alps - She's On Top
Album: She's On Top (12"); Label: Drag City; 2013
Jib Kidder - New Crimes
Album: IV (CS); Label: Burger/Gnar; 2013
Haunted Hearts - Something That Feels Bad Is Something That Feels Good
Album: Something That Feels Bad Is Something That Feels Good (7"); Label: Zoo Music; 2013
Criminal Hygiene - Alan, I'm in Love
Album: CRMNL HYGNE; Label: Self-Released; 2013
Fugazi - Hello Morning
Album: Furniture +2; Label: Dischord; 2001
The Laughing Leaves - Say It
Album: Everyday EP; Label: Self-Released; 2013
The Unwed Teenage Mothers - If You Think You're Lonely Now
Album: The Unwed Teenage Mothers (7"); Label: Speakertree; 2012
Blooper - Shaky
Album: Long Distance; Label: Manic Pop!; 2013
Cousins - What's Your Name
Album: Singing/Drums (CS); Label: Self-Released; 2012
Summer Girlfriends - Balloon Rooms
Album: Shockwaves; Label: Addenda; 2012
Air Date: 
May 29, 2013

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