5/22/2013 Modern Kicks

Playlist Tracks: 
The Exploding Hearts - Modern Kicks
Album: Guitar Romantic; Label: Dirtnap; 2003
The Resonars - The World is Wrong
Album: Crummy Desert Sound; Label: Burger; 2013
Mozes & the Firstborn - I Got Skills
Album: Mozes & the Firstborn (CS); Label: Burger; 2013
Crocodiles - Cockroach
Album: Crimes of Passion; Label: Frenchkiss; 2013
Half Girl - Lemmy, I'm a Feminist
Album: Split w/ Luise Pop (7"); Label: Siluh; 2013
Sweet Talk - Find You
Album: Pickup Lines; Label: 12XU; 2013
Winter Bear - Jump in the Fire
Album: Jump in the Fire (7"); Label: Hozac; 2013
Cheap Time - Kill the Light
Album: VA: Garage Swim; Label: Adult Swim; 2013
Colleen Green - You're So Cool
Album: Sock It To Me; Label: Hardly Art; 2013
Wyatt Blair - Sweet Operator (Talkin' on the Telephone)
Album: Banana Cream Dream (CS); Label: Burger; 2013
Sight Seeing - Crushed
Album: Crushed (Single); Label: Self-Released; 2013
Brilliant Beast - Holding Pattern
Album: Neighbors; Label: Self-Released; 2011
Radical Dads - Mountain Town
Album: Rapid Reality; Label: Uninhabitable Mansions; 2013
Cold Warps - Dip Tripper
Album: Tour Demos (CS); Label: Bruised Tongue; 2013
The White Wires - Pogo Til' You Puke Tonight
Album: Pogo Til' You Puke Tonight (7"); Label: Ugly Pop; 2012
Books of Love - Space Time
Album: Space Time (Single); Label: Self-Relased; 2013
Diarrhea Planet - Separation Anxiety
Album: I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams; Label: Infinity Cat; 2013
Big Wave - Only You
Album: Only You (7"); Label: Beautiful Strange; 2012
The Jons - Slop Hole
Album: In the Hole and Out of the Water; Label: Southpaw; 2013
The History of Apple Pie - The Warrior
Album: Out of View; Label: Marshall Teller; 2013
Pavement - Two States
Album: Slanted and Enchanted; Label: Matador; 1992
Meghan's T.V. - Explain It All
Album: Kim's Room; Label: Self-Released; 2013
Lightfoils - Sympathy Lies
Album: Lightfoils; Label: Saint Marie; 2012
Keebo - Native American
Album: Native American (Single); Label: Self-Released; 2013
Johnny Marr - European Me
Album: The Messanger; Label: New Voodoo; 2013
The Ocean Party - No Reason
Album: Social Clubs; Label: Birds Love Fighting; 2012
Mission of Burma - Academy Fight Song
Album: Signals, Calls and Marches; Label: Ace of Hearts; 1981
Little Cuts - Plastic Disaster
Album: Plastic Disaster (7"); Label: Dirtnap; 2011
Air Date: 
May 22, 2013