5/20/2013 The Morning Blend



Music Host:  The Nighthawk
News Host:  Edwin Allen
Producer:  Siobhan Kierans 
Playlist Tracks: 
Leo Kottke - Little Martha
Album: Live; Label: On the Spot
Peter Lang - Turnpike Terror
Album: The Thing at the Nursery Room Window; Label: Takoma
Steve Kaul - 17th Crow Wing Lake Breakdown
Album: Solo Guitar; Label: Dream Horse
Leo Kottke - Bean Time
Album: Live; Label: On the Spot
The Eelpout Stringers - Altamont
Album: Rockin' the Boat; Label: Root Bass
The Buffalo Gals - Sweep the Blues Away
Album: Buffalo Moon; Label: Self-produced
Sherry Minnick - Jubilee
Album: Look Ma, No Hands; Label: Self-produced
Poor Benny - He Rambled
Album: Old-Time String Band Music; Label: Self-produced
Dakota Dave Hull - Bonapart's Retreat
Album: Sheridan Square Rag; Label: Self-produced
Adam Hurt - Rock the Cradle Joe
Album: Intrigue; Label: Copper Creek
The Ditch Lilies - Sally in the Garden Sifting Sand/Catnip
Album: Drifting; Label: Self-produced
Dakota Dave Hull and Duck Baker - Ducks on the Pond
Album: When You Ask a Girl to Leave Her Happy Home; Label: Arabica
Adam Keisling - Get Up in the Morning
Album: Unclouded Day; Label: Self-produced
Koerner Ray and Glover - Banjo Thing
Album: Blues Rags and Hollars; Label: Red House
Pat Donahue` - Hard Times
Album: American Guitar; Label: BlueSky
Tim Sparks - I'll Fly Away
Album: Sidewalk Blues; Label: Tone Wood
Tom Feldman - Oh Glory How Happy I Am
Album: Lone Wolf Blues; Label: Magnolia
Daddy Squeeze and the Doctor - Payday
Album: You Better Mind; Label: Prairie Dog
Jim Ohlschmidt - EZ Pickin's
Album: It's the Wood; Label: JPG
Jack Phantom - World Exposure with Cher Dial
Topics: Music
Safia Ahmed, Kirk Mattson - RN Reaches out to Homeland
Topics: Somalia
Abdi Warsame, Lennie Chism - Warsame Gets DFL Endorsement for Council
Topics: Minneapolis Politics
Marty Owings - State Legislature
Topics: State Politics
Donna Berger - Click It Or Ticket
Topics: Road Safety