5/19/2013 Eritrean Community Radio


Horn of Africa news summary in English
Eritrean news in Tigrigna
Discussion on Eritrean Independence Day preparations with Eritrean youth and holiday coordinating committee.
Summary of the Eritrean Cabinet of Ministers meeting
Public Service Announcement

Playlist Tracks: 
Fitsum Yohannes - Merhaba
Album: Merhaba 91; Label: Eritrean
Elsa Kidane - Hoyona Hoye
Album: Gereb Sewue; Label: Eritrean
Kunama - Kunama
Album: Kunama; Label: Eritrean
Adalia Samuel - Independence Day program
Topics: Youth preperation for independence day program
Berhane Tesfai - Independence Day Program
Topics: General summary of Independence day program
Mebrat Woldelibanos - Food preparation planning
Topics: Independence Day food preparation
Air Date: 
May 19, 2013

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