5/12/2013 Root Of All Evil

Playlist Tracks: 
6:33 & Arno Strobl - Giggles, Garlands & Gallows, Pt. 2
Album: The Stench from the Swelling; Label: Wafflegate Prod.
Leidungr - Principium Absolutae Primum
Album: De Nio Kraftsanderna; Label: Fronte Nordico / Equilibrium Music
Cathedral - Tombs Of The Blind Dead (Japan Track)
Album: The Last Spire; Label: Rise Above Records
Vicious Rumors - I Am The Gun
Album: Electric Punishment; Label: Steamhammer
Mortillery - Creature Posseser
Album: Origin of Extinction; Label: Napalm Records
Death Dealer - Curse of the Heretic
Album: War Master; Label: Death Dealer
Attacker - Steel Vengeance
Album: Giants Of Canaan; Label: Metal on Metal Records
Lich King - Cheesy Metal Intro
Album: Toxic Zombie Onslaught; Label: StormSpell Records
Lich King - Attack of the Wrath of the War of the Death of the Strike of the Sword of the Blood of the Beast
Album: Toxic Zombie Onslaught; Label: StormSpell Records
Gama Bomb - Beverly Hills Robocop
Album: The Terror Tapes; Label: AFM Records
Overkill - Mad Gone World
Album: Under the Influence; Label: Atlantic Records
F.K.U. - Black Hole Hell (Video Version)
Album: 4: Rise of the Mosh Mongers; Label: Napalm Records
M-pire Of Evil - Kissing The Beast
Album: Crucified; Label: Scarlet Records
Evile - Underworld
Album: Skull; Label: Earache Records
Crisix - Rise…Then Rest
Album: Rise…Then Rest; Label: Fire Warning
Paradox - Massacre Of The Cathars
Album: Heresy; Label: Roadracer Records
Anger As Art - Time Devours Life
Album: Hubris Inc.; Label: Old School Metal Records
Blood Tsunami - The Rape Of Nanking
Album: For Faen!; Label: Indie Recordings
Kreator - Total Death
Album: Endless Pain; Label: Noise Records
Traitor - F.U.A.D.
Album: Thrash Command; Label: Self-released/independent
Aardvarks - Too Many Puppies (Primus Cover)
Album: Profondo Rosso; Label: Stonehenge
Vulcano - No Mercy for Fucking Traitors
Album: The Man The Key The Beast; Label: Renegados Records
Savagery - Semi-Classical Gravity
Album: Hard Merchandise; Label: Self-released/independent
Toxic Holocaust - Nuke The Cross
Album: From The Ashes; Label: Relapse Records
Hemoragy - Evil Sausage
Album: The Thirst World War; Label: Misantrof ANTIRecords
Sodom - Stigmatized
Album: Epitome of Torture; Label: Steamhammer
Accuser - Cannibal Insanity
Album: Diabolic; Label: Red Shift
Zoebeast - The Brundlefly Project
Album: Gore Dancefloor; Label: Coyote Records
Demencia - Overload My blood
Album: Religion Of Sin; Label: Agresor
Hypertension - Envenomed By Vipers
Album: Primevil Tyrants Prevails; Label: Self-released/independent
Rigor Mortis - Wizard Of Gore
Album: Rigor Mortis; Label: Crapitol
The Monolith Deathcult - H.W.A. (Human Wave Attack)
Album: Tetragrammaton; Label: Season of Mist
Amon Amarth - Deceiver Of The Gods
Album: Deceiver Of The Gods; Label: Metal Blade Records
Impeity - Commanding Death
Album: The Impious Crusade; Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Arckanum - Angrboða
Album: Fenris Kindir; Label: Season of Mist
Immolation - All That Awaits Us
Album: Kingdom Of Conspiracy; Label: Nuclear Blast
Eyeconoclast - Rise Of The Orgamechanism
Album: Drones oF Awakening; Label: Prosthetic Records
Entrails - Carved to the Bone
Album: Raging Death; Label: Metal Blade Records
Atrocity - Necromancy Devine
Album: Okkult; Label: Napalm Records
Synergic Ire - Within Nebulous Skin
Album: I, Acedia; Label: Phlegmatic Productions
Zombiefication - Passages of Darkness
Album: At The Caves Of Eternal; Label: Pulverised Records
Svart Crown - In Utero: A Place Of Hatred and Threat
Album: Profane; Label: Listenable Records
Antediluvian - Nuclear Crucifixion
Album: Killing Ourselves to Live; Label: Self-released/independent
Acid Witch - The Black Witch
Album: Witchtanic Hellucinations; Label: Razorback Records
Inhumation - War Gases…Chemical Holocaust
Album: Sounds From A Dying Planet; Label: Venal Productions
Zombie Inc. - Resurrection Guaranteed
Album: Homo Gusticus; Label: Massacre Records
Symptom - Ashen Tomb
Album: Opulent Atrocity; Label: Memento Mori
Inferis - Skull and Bones to the Altar
Album: Obscure Rituals of Death and Destruction; Label: Old Temple
Aeturnus - The Confusion Of Tongues
Album: ...and the Seventh His Soul Detesteth; Label: Dark Essence Records
Maleficus Angelus - Deafening Whispers
Album: Fall Of Man; Label: Self-released/independent
Negator - Revelation 9-11
Album: Gates to The Pantheon; Label: Viva Hate Records
Starkill - Sword, Spear, Blood, Fire
Album: Fires of Life; Label: Century Media Records
Azure Emote - Marching Forth
Album: The Gravity Of Impermanence; Label: Selfmadegod Records
Abomnium - Coffinships
Album: Coffinships; Label: UKEM Records
Finntroll - Skövlarens Död
Album: Blodsvept; Label: Century Media Records
Shadowcraft - Burning Sun Pt 2: I Bringer of Plagues and Suffering
Album: Principles of Chaos; Label: Noisehead Records
Tengger Cavalry - 出征 / Expedition
Album: 黑骏 / Black Steed; Label: Dying Art Productions
Lux Divina - Possession: 2 - And an Intense Feeling of Misanthropy
Album: Possessed by Telluric Feelings; Label: Einheit Produktionen
Voivod - Resistance
Album: Target Earth; Label: Century Media Records
Amorphis - Dead Man's Dream
Album: Circle; Label: Nuclear Blast
My Dying Bride - A Pale Shroud Of Longing
Album: The Manuscript; Label: Peaceville Records
Death In June - Our Ghost Gather
Album: The Snow Bunker Tapes; Label: NER
Air Date: 
May 12, 2013

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