4/29/2013 Sonic Pleasure

Playlist Tracks: 
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - The Wobbler
Album: The Fluid Soundbox ; Label: Mai-Tai
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Something For Johnny
Album: The Fluid Soundbox ; Label: Mai-Tai
Los Straitjackets - Time Bomb
Album: Supersonic Guitars In 3-D; Label: Yep Roc
The Civil Tones - Rotisserie Twist
Album: Rotisserie Twist ; Label: Pravda
Man Or Astroman? - Very Subtle Elevators
Album: A Spectrum Of Infinite Scale ; Label: Touch & Go
Impala - Anna Vienna
Album: El Rancho Reverbo ; Label: Icehouse
The Vivisectors - Motorpsycho
Album: Case History Of John Doe ; Label: Self Released
The Sandblasters - Fiberglass Camel
Album: Space Bar B Q ; Label: Mostly Harmless
The Mulchmen - Shadow Walk
Album: Greetings! From Planet Stupider ; Label: Big Beef
Huevos Rancheros - Wild Turkey Surprise
Album: Muerte Del Toro ; Label: Mint
The Space Cossacks - Transatlantic Orbit
Album: Interstellar Stomp ; Label: Musick
The Slackmates - Westside Story
Album: Hot Car Girls ; Label: Stella
Maraca 5-0 - Dance, Elaina
Album: Headin' South At 110 Per ; Label: Smooch
'63 Burnout - Pipeline
Album: Trouble At The Speedway ; Label: Go Guitar!
X-Ray Tango - X-Ray Tango
Album: In Spy Fidelity ; Label: Aerojet
Jon & The Nightriders - Moving Target
Album: Moving Target ; Label: Gee Dee
Messur Chups - Back To The Bermuda Triangle
Album: Bermuda 66 ; Label: Gitarcula
The Brainwashers - Bombora
Album: Be Careful With That Surfboard ; Label: Rainforest
The Woodies - Midnight Rider
Album: Hot Rods From Hell!; Label: Blood Red Vinyl
The Royal Fingers - Violet Sky
Album: Wild Eleki Deluxe ; Label: Del Fi
The El Caminos - Quite A Surf Party
Album: Reverb Explosion! ; Label: Del Fi
New Albanian Riots - B-31
Album: The Cream Of The Stars ; Label: Smiley Jones
The Challengers - Dead Beach
Album: New Wave ; Label: Atmospheres
The Aquavelvets - Green Sunshine
Album: Surf Mania ; Label: Mesa
Laika & The Cosmonauts - Re-Inventing The Hypno-Wheel
Album: Absurdistan; Label: Yep Roc
The Surf Kings - Cloudbreak
Album: Up From The Depths ; Label: Innertube
The Exotics - Theme From An Exotic Dream
Album: Go Go Guitars ; Label: Tiki Tone
The Fathoms - Turquoise Blue (And Primer Gray)
Album: Overboard ; Label: Musick
The Raybeats - Andy's + 1
Album: Guitar Beat ; Label: Bar None
Jimi Hendrix - Third Stone From The Sun
Album: The Jimi Hendrix Experience Box Set ; Label: MCA
Frank Zappa - Lumpy Gravy Part 1
Album: Lumpy Gravy ; Label: Rykodisc
The Grateful Dead - Dark Star
Album: Live Dead ; Label: Warner Bros
It's A Beautiful Day - Hot Summer Day
Album: It's A Beautiful Day ; Label: Columbia
The Apple - Buffalo Billy Can
Album: Let's Take A Trip Down The Rhine-Buffalo Billy Can ; Label: Page One
The Chantays - Pipeline
Album: Pipeline ; Label: Dot
The Astronauts - Pipeline
Album: Everything Is A-Ok!; Label: RCA
The Eagles (UK) - Pipeline
Album: Smash Hits ; Label: Pye
The Onyx - Tamaris Khan
Album: Tamaris Khan-So Sad Inside ; Label: Pye
The Glass Menagerie - Frederick Jordan
Album: Frederick Jordan-I Said Goodbye To Me ; Label: Pye
Turnstyle - Riding A Wave
Album: Rubble Box Set Vol 1-10; Label: Past & Present
Bump - Winston Built A Bridge
Album: Bump ; Label: Gear Fab
Writing On The Wall - Buffalo
Album: Man Of Reknown-Buffalo ; Label: Pye
Orange Machine - You Can All Join In
Album: You Can All Join In-Dr. Crippen's Waiting Room ; Label: Pye
The Green Beans - (Don't Give Me No) Friction
Album: (Don't Give Me No) Friction-Superstition ; Label: Mercury
Jimi Hendrix - Ezy Rider/MLK Jam (Captain Coconut)
Album: People, Hell And Angels ; Label: Experience Hendrix
The Byrds - We'll Meet Again
Album: Mr. Tambourine Man ; Label: Columbia
The Byrds - You And Me
Album: Mr. Tambourine Man ; Label: Columbia
Air Date: 
April 29, 2013

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