4/22/2013 This Way Out



Program #1,307
Hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle
"NewsWrap": Legislators in France and Uruguay each push marriage and adoptions equality to the brink of reality, but Colombia's Senate President blames "disruptive" LGBT people for indefinitely postponing a marriage equality bill there; brave Zambian gay activist Paul Kasonkomona is jailed for "inciting the public to take part in indecent activities"; Singapore High Court Justice Quentin Loh upholds the city-state's sodomy law, but lawmakers in the U.S. state of Montana repeals theirs, while Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli loses a federal appeals court bid to keep the law on the books in his state; and less-than-fans of recently deceased former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher boost a "tribute song" (of sorts) from a 1939 MGM movie starring one of history's most enduring gay icons onto BBC Radio 1's Top 40 Music Chart (written by GREG GORDON, produced by STEVE PRIDE, and reported this week by TANYA KANE-PARRY and MICHAEL LEBEAU) 
 It's been years since there's been a dull political moment in KYRGYZSTAN: its 5-and-a-half million people have survived two recent revolutions, ethnic strife and economic stress. Same-gender sex has been legal there since 1998, but it's not usually a subject of discussion in Kyrgyzstan's traditional and nominally Muslim culture.  In their latest "audio postcard" from the road, however, "Sapphic Nomads" KATIE COOK AND MAGGIE YOUNG introduce us to LILI TEN, a lesbian activist in the country's largest and capital city, BISHKEK, who was willing to talk about LGBT life there [www.nomaddocumentary.com]

He usually focuses on our "Queer Music Heritage", but Houston, Texas-based correspondent JD DOYLE introduces us this week to the "gay political power pop" debut CD by UK singer/songwriter MATT FISHEL, who's "NOT THINKING STRAIGHT" 
[www.MattFishel.com; www.queermusicheritage.com]



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April 22, 2013