4/21/2013: Canta La Raza: Songs From the Chicano Movement


With John Colosey, Max Hager, Cody Steger, Felicia Stevens, William Hennigson, Joliesha Brown, Erin Wiedoff

Music was an integral part of the Chicano Movement.  In fact, the history of the Chicano Movement can be largeky chronicled through the music linked to it.  The Chicano Movement also generated a new artistic and political consciousness that created new aesthetics and new directions for Chicano artists and musicians resulting in art, and particularly, music that not only engaged and energized the social activism and ploitical aspects of the movement, but that also uncivered a renewed pride and creativity through and from the extraordinarily musical heritage of the Chicano community.

This program will present a history of the Chicano Movement through a narrative based on key musical exmples and key songs associated to it.

Playlist Tracks: