4/19/2013 Jet Set Planet


Episode #402 - the "post pledge drive" mix  Those calling into the show were not asked for money.  (But hey, we'll take it ANYTIME ...)

Playlist Tracks: 
Creed Taylor - Whistle While You Work
Album: Ping Pang Pong the Swinging Ball; Label: ABC
{N} Dimension 70 - I.C. Rock-A-Rola
Album: Dimension 70; Label: Magnavox
Mystic Moods - Your Place or Mine
Album: Erogenous; Label: Soundbird
Sonny Lester - Sultana's Dream
Album: More How to Belly-Dance for your Husband; Label: Roulette
Richard Hayman - The Killing of Sister George
Album: Cinemagic Sounds; Label: Command
Ray Charles Singers - 1432 Franklin Pike Circle Hero
Album: Slices of Life; Label: Command
David Carroll - Bijou
Album: Latin Percussion; Label: Mercury
Esquivel - Night and Day
Album: Other Worlds Other Sounds; Label: RCA
Boris Draper - Slaughter on 10th Ave
Album: Harmonica and Percussion; Label: Coronet
Dick Schory's New Percussion Ensemble - Tortilla
Album: Music to Break Any Mood; Label: RCA
Leo Diamond - Laura
Album: Subliminal Sounds; Label: ABC
Richard Hayman - Conjuration
Album: Voodoo!; Label: Mercury
Ted Auletta - Pool of Love
Album: Exotica; Label: Cameo
the Out-Islanders - Sand in My Shoes
Album: Polynesian Fantasy; Label: Capitol
Paul Conrad - Where Flamingos Fly
Album: Exotic Paradise; Label: Mahalo
Martin Denny - Tsetse Fly
Album: Afro Desia; Label: Liberty
Danny Guglielmi and Dena - Firelight Reverie
Album: Adventure in Sound; Label: Tops
Chuck Sagle - The Sheik of Araby
Album: Stereorama; Label: Epic
Dick Hyman - The Phoenix Love Theme
Album: Happening! Happening!; Label: Command
Peter Appleyard - The Man with the Golden Arm
Album: Percussive Jazz Doctored for Super Stereo; Label: AF
Bob Rosengarden and Phil Kraus - Bongolina
Album: Like_bongos!; Label: Time
{R} Jet Set Swede - Danube Incedent
Album: From Sweden to You; Label: Prada
Bobby Byrne - The Pendulum Swing Both Sways
Album: Shades of Brass; Label: Evolution
Ramsey Lewis - Eternal Journey
Album: Maiden Voyage; Label: Cadet
Mystic Moods Orchestra - Midnight Snack
Album: Erogenous; Label: Soundbird
Air Date: 
April 19, 2013

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