4/17/2013 Freewheelin'


New Tom Jones singing "Just Dropped In". A few tracks from the new 7-disc Duane Allman retrospective. Dr. John, Kinks, Todd Snider, Los Zafiros, James McMurtry, Blue Rodeo, Flo & Eddie, Peter Green & Jeremy Spencer's Fleetwood Mac, Marshall Tucker….typical Freewheelin' fare for this cloudy Wednesday.

Playlist Tracks: 
The artwork to the right is of Duane Allman. I played a few tracks from the new Skydog: Duane Allman Retrospective boxed set. 7 discs in this one. -
Album: ; Label:
ThEME SONG: Dave Alvin (2000) - Walk Right In
Album: Public Domain: Songs From the Wild Land; Label: Hightone
David Egan (2003) - Slingshots & Boomerangs
Album: Twenty Years of Trouble; Label: Louisiana Red Hot
Duane Allman (1968) - Goin' Down Slow
Album: Skydog: Duane Allman Retrospective Box Set; Label: Rounder
Los Zafiros (recorded sometime between 1962-67) - Dichoso Mar
Album: Bossa Cubana; Label: Nonesuch
Bo Diddley (1962) - You Don't Love Me
Album: Bo Diddley Story; Label: Pye
Sonny Boy (2012) - She Like Rock & Roll
Album: internet; Label: n/a
Sonny Boy phone interview -
Album: ; Label:
Lil Mullet & His Creoles (1955) - Rich Woman
Album: n/a; Label: n/a
Dr. John (1972) - Let The Good Times Roll
Album: Dr. John's Gumbo; Label: Atco
Delaney & Bonnie & Friends (1969) - Gift of Love
Album: Accept No Substitute; Label: n/a
The Kinks (1971) - 20th Century Man
Album: Muswelll Hillbillies; Label: RCA
Todd Snider (2006) - The Devil You Know
Album: The Devil You Know; Label: New Door
James McMurtry (1989) - Poor Lost Soul
Album: Too Long In The Wasteland; Label: Columbia
Blue Rodeo (2005) - Don't Get Angry
Album: Are You Ready; Label: Rounder
WE HOPE YOU'RE READY FOR FLO & EDDIE - Weekly feature with Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan
Album: ; Label:
Flo & Eddie (1972) - Flo & Eddie Theme
Album: Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan: The Phlorescent Leech & Eddie; Label: Reprise
The Turtles (1965) - Eve of Destruction
Album: It Ain't Me Babe; Label: White Whale
The Turtles Featuring Flo & Eddie (1992) - Goodbye Surprise
Album: The Turtles Featuring Flo & Eddie: Captured Live; Label: Rhino
Fleetwood Mac (sometime between 1968-1970) - Like It This Way
Album: The Vaudeville Years of Fleetwood Mac: 1968 to 1970); Label: Receiver
Fleetwood Mac (sometime between 1968-1970) - Mighty Cold
Album: The Vaudeville Years of Fleetwood Mac: 1968 to 1970); Label: Receiver
Marshall Tucker Band (1974) - 24 Hours at a Time
Album: Where We All Belong; Label: Capricorn
Marshall Tucker Band (1974) - This Ol' Cowboy
Album: Where We All Belong; Label: Capricorn
Tom Jones (2013) - Just Dropped In
Album: Spirit In The Room; Label: Rounder
Air Date: 
April 17, 2013