4/7/2013 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Selected Shorts - This week we focus on some of the many Minnesota groups that produce new audio theater.  It used to be only that one on NPR, but now we can find audio drama cropping up all over the place.  And you probably heard of them first here on Sound Affects. 

Great Northern Audio Theater - The Last Shuttle, by Brian Price. Finding the truth in a laundromat, from the Mark Time Radio Show 2008. 

Fearless Comedy Productions - Radio Is a Moribund Art Form, a song from their Big Fun Radio Funtime! show live at the Bryant Lake Bowl. 

Teknikal Diffikulties - Cayenne Chris Conroy is a one-man operation, doing all the writing and voices. This is an excerpt from his podcast, Proverbial, about a radio show about a movie, or something. Also known as TekDiff

Precarious Audio Theater - Tansy Undercrypt is the driving force behind this troupe that seems to like the Dark Side, with tales of suspense, horror and the macabre. This story, Filling Station, by Mike Murphy, involves a man stopping in a small town late at night for gas, only to find that the name filling station has a different meaning here. 

KOEH-FM - David O'Sullivan writes and directs these short pieces about the radio station in Dipperville, MN. They include appealing characters, utterly silly situations, and satire with substance.  This episode is Inventing and Gouging the Sick. They air each Tuesday morning on KFAI's The Morning Blend at about 6:50. We'll be featuring the creator of KOEH and the entire cast on Sound Affects on April 21st. So be sure to tune in then to hear a lot more episodes.  

Other Minnesota audio theater sources:

Deadbeats Theatre - had a show in the 2012 Minnesota Fringe Festival besides the piece we've aired on this show. 

Northern Lights Radio Theater - Their most recent feature, The Lost Elevator, will be featured on Sound Affects on April 14th. 

Native Radio Theater - We aired excerpts from their Native Radio Theater Variety Show, from 2008.

The Lost Highway Chronicles - John P. McCann has produced this modern sci-fi thriller show and comic from his studio in Altura, MN. 

Icebox Radio Theater - Jeffrey Adams, whose work we have featured many times on Sound Affects, drives this award-winning group up in International Falls, MN. They produce a weekly podcast and are the source of Sound Stages radio a full-time audio theater stream on iTunes. 

The Prime Time Players - a group of seniors doing Old Time Radio theater for seniors.  With decades of experience in local theater these guys offer up some of the best in live OTR.  They've performed at county fairs, the Minnesota State Fair, a series at St. Paul Libraries, and countless senior centers around the state. Led by Don Cosgrove. 


Playlist Tracks: 
Brian Price - The Last Shuttle
Album: Mark Time Radio Show 2008; Label: greatnorthernaudio.com
Tim Wick & Geoffrey Brown - Radio Is a Moribund Art Form
Album: Big Fun Radio Funtime! 1/18/13; Label: fearlesscomedyproductions.com
Cayenne Chris Conroy - Proverbial excerpt
Album: Teknikal Diffikulties; Label: tekdiff.com
Mike Murphy - Filling Station
Album: Precarious Audio Theater; Label: precariousaudiotheater.com
David O'Sullivan - Inventing & Gouging the Sick
Album: KOEH-FM; Label: koehfm.com
Air Date: 
April 7, 2013

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