11/23/2007 Radio Rumpus Room


Thanks to Todd Mayberry for churnin' out the noise during our Thanksgiving-determined absence. Great show, Todd!

The Rollettes -- We Love You Rollers (We Love You Rollers 7; GTO)

The DBs -- Black And White (Stand For Decibels LP; Albion)
Jungle Jim -- Big Fat Orang Uman (Big Fat Orang Uman 7; Pye)
The Great Train Robbery -- (Heartless) Hurdy Gertie ((Heartless) Hurdy Gertie 7; ABC)
Oenix -- Ils Veulent Coucher Avec Bip Bip – (Ils Veulent Coucher Avec Bip Bip 7; Virgin)

The Jook -- Bish, Bash, Bosh (Bish, Bash, Bosh 7; RCA)
The Wimps -- Caroline (Caroline 7; Sniff)
Walkers -- Sha-La-La-La-La (Sha-La-La-La-La 7; Sunburst)
The Ramblers -- Help Me (The Kids Are Back To Rock 'N' Roll LP; Quality)

Sweeney Todd -- Roxy Roller (s/t LP; London)
The Beekeepers -- Platform Five (Platform Five 7; Rundown)
Ted Mulry Gang -- My Temperature's High (Here We Are LP; Albert Productions)
Rock Candy Mt. -- Sweet Magic (Sweet Magic 7; Moon)

The Schematics -- Promises (Promises 7; VVV)
Kenny -- I'm A Winner (s/t LP; RAK)
The Plague -- In Love (In Love 7; Evolution)
Lesley Gore -- No Matter What You Do (My Town, My Guy Me LP; Mercury)

The Barracudas -- Summer Girls (Summer Girls 7; EMI)
The Carnaby Street Runners -- Makin' Love In A Treehouse (Higher, Higher) (Makin' Love In A Treehouse (Higher, Higher) 7; Super K)
Bloom -- Don't Break This Heart (Don't Break This Heart 7; Philips)
The Demons -- She's So Tough (s/t LP; Mercury)

Vomit Visions -- Life (Vomit Visions Sellout 7; Wasted Vinyl)
Mogan David His Winos -- Beauty Queen (Savage Young Winos LP; Kosher)
Tommy Boyce Bobby Hart -- Out About (Out About 7; AM)

The Poles -- Prime Time (C.N. Tower 7; Nimbus 9)
Crunch -- Let's Do It Again (Let's Do It Again 7; Young Blood)
The Wasps -- Teenage Treats (Teenage Treats 7; 4 Play)

The Bazooka Company -- Can't Make It Without You (Can't Make It Without You 7; Fontana)

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November 23, 2007

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