3/31/2013 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program


Reverend Timothy said that according to the poetry scripture of the Hmong "Zaj qhuab ke," Hmong believes and worship God the All mighty who created the universe and the poetry script says at the beginning of the creation, human usually goes to God to ask for advice and to obtain seeds for planting. However, probably when human were cursed then they changed course to go and ask "Ntxwg Nyoog" Satan for seeds and or ask for birth certificate to be re-incarnation after death. Of course, these are the differences of believes between Eminism and Christian that once a person died, the spirit goes to heaven and live with God and the body returns to earth, because God uses dirt to create the body. Final thought, he wishes that if the Hmong continue their good hospitality tradition among themselves and strive to get closer to God.

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Dr. Timothy Txawj Teev Vang - What is Hmong Believe?
Topics: What is religion. What Hmong people believe now and to what extend.
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March 31, 2013

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