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Hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle

"NewsWrap": The second time is one charm away from marriage equality in New Zealand, while an upstate Michigan Native American tribe becomes the third in America to marry same-gender couples, and civil unions for lesbian & gay couples are all but a done deal in Colorado; a federal appeals court overturns Virginia's sodomy statute citing the U.S. Supreme Court's 2003 Lawrence v. Texas decision ruling that state's law to be unconstitutional, and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service revokes the tax-exempt status of the gay "cure"-peddling National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) because the group had failed to submit required tax forms for three years; a much anticipated speech on human rights by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II that activists expected to be LGBT-inclusive buries them instead in "other grounds"; holy landlords! Italy's biggest gay sauna shares space with priestly housing; and "meet the new Pope, same as the old Pope" [intro'd with a brief musical snippet by The Who] (written by GREG GORDON, produced this week by BRIAN DESHAZOR & STEVE PRIDE, and reported by NATALIE PEOPLES & JOHNNIE TORRES)

You could probably argue that there's an "irresistible revolution" whenever URVASHI VAID enters a room. From the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force to the Ford and Arcus Foundations, Vaid is a veteran community organizer, attorney and author known for her incisive political analysis. "IRRESISTIBLE REVOLUTION: CONFRONTING RACE, CLASS AND THE ASSUMPTIONS OF LGBT POLITICS" is the title of Vaid's latest book. She talked in New York City recently with CHRIS THOMAS on WBAI’s "OUT FM" about why she believes equality is just not enough 


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March 25, 2013

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