3/24/2013 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program


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Talk show, topic of discussion:  Legal services

Attoney, Dawb Yaj and Shuly Her are classmates at college and are now formed a legal service agency called Village Law services.   Dawb is specialized with civil law service and Shuly is specialized in criminal law.  Dawb summarizes that a difficult civil case is that the case could cross boundary from a civil case into a criminal case which either you win or loose is not about money however, it is about jail time or out of jail.  Shuly summarizes that in a criminal case as a public defender is very difficult to handle a case adequately due to time consuming and case over load.  A private attorney will handle case by case with full time focus on individual case. There are other legal aid services that can be charged per sliding scales; or small fee less than a private attorney.  Free consultation will always be provided. for more information contact Dawb Yaj 651-955-2372; Shuly 612-532-4505.


Playlist Tracks: 
Vong Yang - Ntuj ntxeev teb nphau los tseem hlub
Album: Ntuj ntxeev teb nphau los tseem hlub; Label: Self Released Vol. 5
Patao Xiong - Hlub koj ib leeg
Album: Tuag nco ntsoov los tos; Label: Self Released Vol. 2
Jun (N. Txhaj Foom Vaaj) - Kev hlub nyob ib txhis
Album: Ib sim neej; Label: Remix Vol. 1
Dawb Yaj - Attorney
Topics: Legal services
Shuly Her - Attorney
Topics: Legal services
Air Date: 
March 24, 2013

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