3/14/2013 Fresh Fruit


Avenues for Homeless Youth provides emergency shelter, short-term housing and supportive services for homeless youth in a safe and nurturing environment. Through such service, Avenues seeks to help youth achieve their personal goals and make a positive transition into young adulthood. Rocki Simõesis the Program Manager for the GLBT Host Home Program which was created in 1998 out of a grassroots effort to address GLBTQ youth homelessness. Originally hosted at YouthLink, it moved to Avenues for Homeless Youth in January 2007.  The GLBT Host Home Program is an ‘outside-the-system’ community and volunteer-based response to youth homelessness. It offers a transformative and intimate approach to providing homeless gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) youth with safe homes and support. They have intentionally kept this program small and non-institutional, with up to 10 youth participating at a time. All youth served by this program are homeless and queer-identified.  The GLBT Host Home Program is a strong, resilient, and nationally recognized community-based program – one with over 10 years of history. The focus has been on taking care of basic needs while simultaneously fostering connections and building community. Ultimately, this program is about empowering a community to take care of itself while at the same time working with others organizing for social justice. They advocate for moving beyond just responding to homelessness and, in fact, making social changes needed to truly end homelessness.  Deena McKinney is the Program Manager for the Minneapolis Host Home Program which will increase housing and support options for homeless youth of Minneapolis. Specifically, it will address their needs by connecting them with caring adults from their own community who are willing to provide safe housing and support.  A new program to provide safe, supportive transitional housing for the homeless youth of the city of Minneapolis in volunteer homes has been launched by Avenues. Informational meetings are being held this fall. Those who are interested in learning more about homeless youth and ways they can help are encouraged to attend. Details appear to the right.  Jenny Lock is the Program Manager for the Suburban Host Home Program which is a community initiative involving local schools, faith communities, local government, service providers and the greater suburban Hennepin County community. The mission of the program is to address the housing needs of homeless youth by connecting them with caring adults from their own communities who are willing to provide safe housing and support.  Both the Minneapolis and Suburban Host Home really need host!

Angelique V. Nixon and Tei Okamoto are working on a new oral history project: Love & Affection
They are looking to interview folks who have survived their parents/caretakers or guardians who died of HIV/AIDS and are willing to talk about their journey to adulthood.
They want to talk to anyone who might be interested in sharing their story. Its an important piece of history that needs reflection and voice.
Love & Affection is an oral history project that seeks to include many of the voices of the epidemic nationally and internationally.


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Chick Willis - Love to See You Smile
Album: Hit & Run Blues; Label: BEN