11/20/2007 Dig Up The Roots


Andy, guest hosting for Greg, digging up the roots of Gypsy music.
If you liked today's show, I encourage you to check out Dan Rein's Gypsy-centric episode of Century Song from this past Sunday in the archives:http://kfai.org/node/121 and click on the stream for the 11/18 show.

h2. Playlist

*Traditionalist set*
Peeli Aankhiyan/Laal - Rajasthan
Love Birds/Kurbeti - Albania
Wedding-Cocek/Underground/arranged by Goran Bregovic-Bosnia
Moliendo Cafe/Fanfare Ciocarlia - Romania
Duba, Duba Si Hora/Taraf De Haïdouks - Romania
The Last Waltz in Budapest/Boris Kovac Ladaaba Orchestar - Serbia

*Neo-Gypsy/Punk/Funk/Surf Set*
Mount Wroclai/Beirut/Gulag Orkestar
Death By Blonde/DeVotchKa/Una Volta
Dalida/Boom Pam/Boom Pam
Super Theory of Super Everything/Gogol Bordello/Super Taranta!
A Rom And A Home/Taraf de Haïdouks remixed by Oi-Va-Voi/Electric Gypsyland 2
Sunday Arak (Featuring Dana Leong)/Balkan Beat Box/Balkan Beat Box

*Klezmer set*
Bar Mitzvah Special/Don Byron/Plays the Music of Mickey Katz
Wedding Dance/Don Byron/Plays the Music of Mickey Katz
Mazeltov Dances/Mickey Katz/Simcha Time - Mickey Katz Plays Music for Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs Brisses
Oi Tata/Don Byron/Festival of Light
Purim/Andy Statman Quartet/Between Heaven Earth
Chassidic Waltz/Andy Statman Quartet/Between Heaven Earth

*Gypsy caravan orientalist fantasy metaset*
Blue Pepper/Duke Ellington Duke Ellington His Orchestra /Far East Suite
Caravan/Duke Ellington/Beyond Category
Caravan (DJ Smash's Smashish Remix)/Dizzy Gillespie/Re-Bop: The Savoy Remixes
Caravan/The Band (feat. Van Morrison)/The Last Waltz
Everything's Coming Up Roses/Ethel Merman/Gypsy (The Original Broadway Cast - Remastered)
Blue Christmas-Let It Snow/The Gypsy Hombres/Django Bells
Caravan/Spin17/YouTube Video

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November 20, 2007

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