3/10/2013 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Feature Presentation - The second episode of Norman Jayo's The Last Game Show.  A future where the corporations control people by direct connections to the online entertainment, including the big game shows.  The corporation central has discovered a way to track the Radio Pirates who are trying to break up the corporate control. Features such voice talent as Brock Peters, George Takei, Abby Lincoln and Danny Valdez. (Episode 2 of 4)

Selected Shorts - from Aural Stage in Buffalo, NY we have two works from their Dialed In series.  First, Ancient Evil, which revolves around a professor who really is distracted. And then we have Straw Into Gold, about a woman who wants to hire a ghost writer, so she calls the service and isn't happy with the contract negotiations.


Playlist Tracks: 
Aural Stage - Ancient Evil
Album: Dialed In; Label: auralstage.com
Norman Jayo - The Last Game Show, Ep. 2
Album: The Last Game Show; Label: Norman Jayo
Aural Stage - Straw Into Gold
Album: Dialed In; Label: auralstage.com
Air Date: 
March 10, 2013

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