2/24/2013 This Way Out



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Hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle

"NewsWrap": Police in Minsk and other cities in Belarus raid gay nightspots and hold detainees overnight, while more than 60 LGBT rights activists are summoned to police stations for interrogation about their sex lives; 22 men are arrested under the 1951 Bombay Police Act for "public indecency" at a "gay party" in a suburb of Mumbai; France's National Assembly, by a comfortable margin, formally passes a bill to open civil marriage and extend adoption rights to same-gender couples; the Illinois Senate passes a marriage equality bill – next stop the state House – while Oregon United for Marriage launches a signature-gathering campaign to qualify a November 2014 marriage equality ballot measure, but a bill to open civil marriage to lesbian and gay couples dies in the Hawai'i House; the Colorado Senate passes a civil unions bill for same-gender couples – which now heads to a predicted win in the House – but the North Dakota Senate rejects a bill to ban sexual orientation-based employment and housing discrimination; gay and lesbian couples try to get marriage licenses in Thailand's "Town of Love", while legislative hearings in Bangkok consider a marriage-like civil partnership proposal; topless feminist activists chant "no more homophobe" inside Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral to celebrate Roman Catholic Pope Benedict XVI's surprise resignation; and the Boy Scouts of America bans "known or avowed homosexuals" as members and troop leaders, but it's happy to hire ex-convicts (written by GREG GORDON, produced by STEVE PRIDE, and reported this week by GARY SHAW and NATALIE PEOPLES)

February is LGBT History Month in many parts of the world, and the British city of BRISTOL is doing it up in grand style this year. Numerous events include a new education project and a major exhibition at M Shed, the city's unique museum that reflects the stories of Bristol locals and visitors throughout history. The excitement was just beginning when MARY MILTON of BCFM's "ShoutOut" programme sent us this report (featuring comments by exhibition visitors, and elected Bristol Mayor GEORGE FERGUSON; openly gay Lord Mayor PETER MAIN; Cabinet Member for Children and Young People CLARE CAMPION-SMITH; prominent playwright NEIL BARTLETT; award-winning "out" trans writer CHERYL MORGAN; and M-Shed's Curator of Public History CATHERINE LITTLEJOHNS)

KATIE COOK and MAGGIE YOUNG have been sending "audio postcards" to "This Way Out" from their worldwide road-trip to find LGBT people for a documentary film. A few weeks ago we shared their first dispatch from MONGOLIA. What they discovered there just couldn't be contained in one communiqué, so we re-join the "SAPPHIC NOMADS" as they continue their visit with the descendants of Genghis Khan (with comments by OTGONBAATAR TSEDENDEMBEREL, Executive Director and co-founder of the LGBT Centre of Mongolia; ANARAA NYAMDORJ, LGBT Centre of Mongolia co-founder and co-owner of the only LGBT bar in the country, 100%; and with indigenous on-scene music)[www.nomaddocumentary.com]



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February 24, 2013

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