2/24/2013 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Feature Presentation - Tales of the Spontoon  Islands.  An episode from the series, Rosie's Place, called "It's Shot From Guns".  Dimbulb fox brothers, B'onss and K'nutt are sent off to do the laundry for Lu Chow's restaurant.  B'onss powers the washing machine with an airplane engine, and it goes on from there.  And we meet some of the other regulars at Rosie's Place.  

The Spontoon Archipelago is a set of islands in the Pacific ocean inhabited by funny animal cartoons and seaplanes.  The time is between 1920 and 1945.  Cartoonists from around the world contribute comic strips and stories.  E. O. Costello contributes radio scripts, reminiscent of Old Time Radio, but evocative of the islands time and place.  (http://spontoon.rootoon.com/SPwRdoCn.html

The cast features Andy Driscoll, Jeni Warwick, Beryl Greenberg, Tom Joyal, Ian Thompson, Mike Fischbein, Don Cosgrove, Charles Brin, Amanda Balague, and Ronnie B. Produced at KFAI. 

Selected Shorts - Another sketch from the Big Fun Radio Funtime! show in January at the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis.  This time it's Tim Wick's "Rick Dickerson, Cliché Private Eye".  Produced by Fearless Comedy Productions.  The complete show is available for download at Band Camp.  Their next show at the BLB is March 8. 

The cast features Windy Bowlsby, Don Cosgrove, Dawn Krosnowski, Gordon Smuder and Tim Wick. 

Playlist Tracks: 
E. O. Costello - It's Shot From Guns
Album: Rosie's Place; Label: spontoon.rootoon.com
Tim Wick - NTSA Promo
Album: Big Fun Radio Funtime!; Label: fearlesscomedyproductions.com
Tim Wick - Rick Dickerson, Cliche Detective
Album: Big Fun Radio Funtime!; Label: fearlesscomedyproductions.com
Air Date: 
February 24, 2013

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