2/24/2013 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program


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Topic of discussion:  Mental Health.

Dr. Khu explained mental health as a term describes the well being of a human. There are more than 300 terms describing mental health status. "It would take several days to explain all the definitions." Dr. Khu replied. If you have mental sickness, a good diagnose by the doctor is an important step toward treatment of your condition, either by therapy sessions or medications or both. The #1 treatment of a family member to recover from mental sickness is to acknowledge that person's sickness and to care for that person. 

Dr. Nao Shoua explained that each medicine does possess some side effects depending on the amount of the medicines and the tolerance of individual who consume the medicine. Certain medicines, the doctor or prescriber wants to start with the small dose and then either gradually increase or decrease of the medicine.

Playlist Tracks: 
Zeb Dub Thoj - Yog tsi muaj koj
Album: Liam Vim koj; Label: Hmong action Entertainment Vol. 2
Sua Ham - Xav muaj khub thaum ntuj no
Album: Hnub koj sib yuav; Label: Self Released Vol. 1
Mao Thao - Ramsey County Public Health Educator
Topics: Mental Health issues in the Hmong Community.
Dr. Khu Thao - Wilder Foundation Psychotherapist
Topics: Mental Health therapy.
Dr. Nao Shoua Lo - Merwin Pharmacy, Pharmacist
Topics: Mental Health medication treatment regimen
Air Date: 
February 24, 2013

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