11/16/2007 MN Soundtrack


Hosted by Danny Jackie

Playlist Tracks: 
**The Blind Shake - Blue Step
Album: Carmel; Label: Learning Curve
**Best Friends Forever - 24
Album: Romance, Conflict, Adventure; Label:
**Baby Guts - Shark Teeth
Album: split shark 7; Label: Unnecessary Friction
**Plastic Chord - The City's Overtaken
Album: Colonial Conundrum; Label: S/R
**Vampire Hands - Opium Typhoon
Album: Virgin Dust American Lips; Label: Freedom From
The Chambermaids - 21st
Album: The Chambermaids; Label: Modern Radio
A Night In The Box - Conductor Man
Album: The Hustle, The Prayer, The Thief; Label: Afternoon
**Dance Band - Stagger Slide
Album: Dance Band Returns From The Land After Tomorrow; Label: S/R
Desdamona - The Source
Album: The Source; Label: Z Link
Album: STNNNG; Label: Modern Radio
The Vignettes - Ride The Wave
Album: The Vignettes; Label: S/R
**Atmosphere - Don't Forget
Album: Sad Clown Bad Summer; Label: RSE
Omaur Bliss - Summatime
Album: ??; Label:
**Death To Our Enemies - Secret Handshake
Album: Death To Our Enemies; Label: Learning Curve
**The Evening Rig - All The Stars
Album: Ne'er Been There; Label: Heart Of A Champion
**A Whisper In The Noise - Armament
Album: Dry Land; Label: Exile on Mainstream
Estate - Let Her Know
Album: The Vacation; Label: S/R
**The Brutes - This Science Works For Us
Album: The Brutes; Label: S/R
Dark Dark Dark - EP2 Demo
Album: Spontaneos Festival; Label: S/R
**The Owls - All Those In Favor
Album: Daughters And Suns; Label: Magic Marker
Mouthful Of Bees - The Now
Album: The End; Label: Afternoon
** ----------- - NEWER STUFF.
Album: ; Label:
Air Date: 
November 16, 2007

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