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"NewsWrap": Britain's House of Commons gives overwhelming approval in its second reading to the "Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill" -- opposed by the new Archbishop of Canterbury -- while French troops save two Malian men from Islamic execution for homosexuality, but Uganda's infamous "Kill the Gays Bill" is back on the parliamentary agenda; the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America unexpectedly postpones a decision on the proposed repeal of its policy banning openly gay scouts and troop leaders; Australian Football League pros proudly march for the first time in Melbourne's annual Pride parade, while in India an estimated two thousand people attend the fifth Queer Azaadi Mumbai Pride Parade, and as "The Hindu" reported, LGBT people "came out into the open" for Hyderabad's first; the rainbow flag flies during Britain's LGBT History Month over Cambridge Guildhall; and Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria is the surprise presenter of the "Gay of the Year Award" at a glitzy Stockholm gala (written by GREG GORDON, produced by STEVE PRIDE, and reported this week by PAMELA BROOKS and WENZEL JONES) [10:07] + Billboard for BSA/NFL intersection feature 

Six long hours of debate in BRITAIN's House of Commons preceded the overwhelming victory of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill on February 5th. No one gave a more impassioned argument for LGBT civil rights than black Labour M.P. DAVID LAMMY 

A NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE Super Bowl champ used his bully pulpit this week to push for LGBT equality. It was the same week that the BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA was expected to announce a change in its ban on openly gay scouts and troop leaders. That now won’t happen until May. And not so long ago, mainstream media reporters felt duty-bound to include the comments of at least one homophobe in any discussion of LGBT issues for what they called “balance”. But they’re now sharply challenging those comments – something they rarely did in the past. The unexpected intersection of the Boy Scouts of America and the National Football League this week was also marked by the continuing emergence of eloquently vocal “allies”. For example, and again just this week: CNN anchor CAROL COSTELLO grills Family Research Council Senior Fellow for Policy Studies PETER SPRIGG; (Out) CNN anchor DON LEMON talks with Super Bowl Champion Raven BRENDON AYANBADEJO; (Out) MSNBC anchor THOMAS ROBERTS chats with Minnesota Vikings kicker CHRIS KLUWE; former Eagle Scout and 2-Iowa-moms-raised ZACH WAHLS debates Ethics and Public Policy Center President ED WHALEN about the Boy Scouts with CNN anchor RANDI KAYE; CNN anchor SOLEDAD O'BRIEN challenges Family Research Council President TONY PERKINS; and BRENDON AYANBADEJO returns with a final word sponsored by the Respect for Marriage Coalition [www.cnn.com; www.msnbc.com; www.athleteally.org; www.respectformarriage.org]



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February 17, 2013

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