2/17/2013 Root Of All Evil

Playlist Tracks: 
Taliban Airlines - Children Of A Nation
Album: With Further Ado; Label: Badlands Entertainment
The Devil - Extinction Level Event
Album: The Devil; Label: Candlelight Records
Inter Arma - sblood
Album: sblood; Label: Relapse Records
Jack Devil - Faster Than Evil
Album: Faster Than Evil; Label: Self-released/independent
Vio-Lence - World In A World
Album: Oppressing The Masses; Label: Atlantic Records
Attacker - Steel Vengeance
Album: Giants Of Canaan; Label: Metal on Metal Records
F.K.U. - Maniac
Album: Metal Moshing Mad; Label: Black Diamond Productions
Cranium - Speed Metal Sentence
Album: Speed Metal Sentence; Label: Necropolis Records
Infenal Assault - Paradox Of Time
Album: Natural Selection; Label: Self-released/independent
Living Death - Nuclear Greetings
Album: Back To The Weapons; Label: Aaarrg Records
Coroner - Suicide Command
Album: R.I.P.; Label: Noise Records
Blood Feast - Venomous Death
Album: Kill For Pleasure; Label: New Renaissance Records
Obsessor - Evil Supremecy
Album: Mental Hell; Label: Tankcrimes
Insanity Alert - The Infected Zone
Album: Second Opinion; Label: Slaughterhouse Records
Havok - Point Of No Return
Album: Point of No Return; Label: Candlelight Records
Suicidal Angels - Bloodbath
Album: Bloodbath; Label: NoiseArt Records
Hatriot - The Mechanics Of Annihilation
Album: Hereos Of Origin; Label: Massacre Records
Sacrario - Wasted Land
Album: Catastrophic Eyes; Label: Kill Again Records
The Meatmen - Pope On A Rope
Album: Pope On A Rope; Label: Meatmen
Blockheads - This World Is Dead
Album: This World Is Dead; Label: Relapse Records
Sinister - Spit On Your Grave (Whiplash)
Album: The Carnage Ending; Label: Massacre Records
Rabbits - Suck It or Blow
Album: Bites Rites; Label: Good to Die Records
Antivoid - Riot Blow
Album: Senseless; Label: Self-released/independent
Pretty Little Flower - Grinder Of Fools
Album: Devious Persecution and Wholesale Slaughter; Label: Six Weeks Records
Cognizance - Clones Of the Night Sky
Album: Inquisition; Label: Self-released/independent
Suffocation - Beginng Of Sorrow
Album: Pinnacle Of Bedlam; Label: Nuclear Blast
Hate - Eternal Might
Album: Solarflesh; Label: Napalm Records
Tyrant Goatgaldrakona - Arcanum - Secretum
Album: Horns In The Dark; Label: Metalhit.com
Ulcer - Grant Us Death
Album: Grant Us Death; Label: Pulverised Records
Necrosis - Human Vira
Album: Stills Of Existence; Label: Self-released/independent
Teratism - I Am The Darkness
Album: Via Negativa; Label: Negativity
Centurian - Feast The Cross
Album: Contra Rationem; Label: Listenable Records
Syn-Drom - Iconoclastic View
Album: Iconoclasm; Label: ViciSolum Productions
Brutal War - Mass Hypnosis
Album: Revelation 666; Label: Extreme Records
Narayama - Miseria Occulta
Album: Pro -Exploracao; Label: Self-released/independent
Black Breath - Feast Of The Damned
Album: Sentenced To Life; Label: Southern Lord
Portal - Kilter
Album: Vexovoid; Label: Profound Lore Records
Buckshot Facelift - Touch The Monolith
Album: Elder's Rasp; Label: Old Souls Collective
Megascavenger - Smokescreen Armageddon
Album: Descent Of Yuggoth; Label: Selfmadegod Records
Polyptych - Recollation Of Isolation
Album: Panels Engraved; Label: Self-released/independent
Brutal Brain Damage - Unleashed The Fury
Album: Brain Soup; Label: Vomit Your Shirt
Vlaar - Metal Warriors (Manowar)
Album: S.A.T.R.V; Label: Lumbung Angker Records
Nembrionic - Kill Them
Album: Psycho One Hundred; Label: Displeased Records
Terrorizer - Victim Of Greed
Album: Darker Days Ahead; Label: Century Media Records
Pig Destroyer - Sheet Metal Girl
Album: Decibal 100th Anniversary; Label: Decibal
Perverse Imagery - Mass Produced Human Existence
Album: Abstract Melodies; Label: Self-released/independent
Human Trade - Worthless Than Most
Album: Scumgrind And Pizza EP; Label: GRINDCORE KARAOKE
Fernando Colunga Ultimate Experience (FCUE) - Abandoned Hope
Album: Toxic Hog Cult; Label: Self-released/independent
Logic Of Denial - Weeping Upon Repugnance
Album: Atonement; Label: Comatose Music
Abolishment - Secret Face
Album: Abolishment Of Flesh; Label: Self-released/independent
Total Angels Violence - Confronting
Album: Death To Death; Label: Dark East Productions
Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Upon My Arrival
Album: Necrovision; Label: War Anthem Records
Enshadowed - The Dual Hypostasis Oh Nihil
Album: Magic Chaos Psychedelia; Label: Pulverised Records
Lightning Swords Of Death - Epicyclarium
Album: Baphometic Chaosium; Label: Metal Blade
Gruweldood - From The Darkest Of The Abyss
Album: The 2nd Coming; Label: Self-released/independent
Eorant - The Coasts Conquest
Album: Neverending Journey; Label: Self-released/independent
The Earth King - Entering the Black Hole of Infinity
Album: Cycling Between Sun and Moon; Label: Kristallblut Records
Manii - Endelaust
Album: Kollaps; Label: Avantgarde Music
Hanging Garden - Ten Thousand Cranes
Album: At Every Door; Label: Lifeforce Records
Psilocybe Larvae - Shining Shambahla
Album: The Labrinth Of Penumbra; Label: Buil2Kill Records
Bornholm - Fiery Golden Dawn
Album: Inexorable Defiance; Label: NoiseArt Records
Darth Vegas - Bat Attack Galactica
Album: Brainwashing For Dirty Minds; Label: Newmarket Music
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - I Am The Sweetest Of Devils
Album: 4play; Label: Out of Line Music
Air Date: 
February 17, 2013

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