2/6/13 Kohl Miner on First Nations Composers Initiative



Please join Laura Waterman Wittstock on Wednesday, February 6, 2013 as she talks with Kristopher Kohl Miner (Ho-Chunk Nation). He is the Executive Director of the First Nations Composer Initiative. Formerly, he has worked alongside Mark Murphy (current Executive Director of Disney Hall’s Red Cat Theater),  and as Director of Development for Seattle’s ON THE BOARD’S, the Pacific Northwest’s premier performance space. He was also Director of Development for PAWS (Progressive Animal Welfare Society) and SAFEHOUSE, a program that provides housing to homeless individuals living with HIV/AIDS. 
Kohl is a playwright & performer. He has performed with The New York City Hysterical Society, In the Heart of the Beast, The Ark Improv, The Blood & Milk Poets and American Indians in the Arts. His solo work includes; “Christopher Explained”, “Native Fruit”, “Left at Life,” “Heartflight Kohl Miner OR How my heart was hijacked by a handsome terrorist. This is my story.”, “Dreams of Cheerleading”, The Trip” and “The Semi-Conscious Memoirs of a Negligent Native” He has performed at Highways (Los Angeles), On The Boards (Seattle), Bumbershoot Wild Stage (Seattle), Alice B. Theater (Seattle), Josie’s Cabaret & Juice Joint (San Francisco), “In the Heart of the Beast Puppet & Mask Theater” (Mpls.), The Walker Art Center (Mpls.), Southern Theater (Mpls.), Red Eye Collaboration (Mpls.), ABC No Rio (NYC) and others. While attending U.W.-Madison (BA Theater) Kohl was a member of the ARK Improv, (a student comedy troupe with alums Joan Cusack and Jimmy Doyle).  New office phone number for Kohl is:  651-336-8078.
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Kohl Miner - Executive Director, First Nations Composer Initiative
Topics: Indian composers in the USA.
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February 6, 2013

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