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Hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle 

"NewsWrap": LGBT rights activists are assaulted and arrested in Moscow and at least one other Russian city protesting the proposed law to outlaw so-called "homosexual propaganda", which the country's lower house of parliament overwhelmingly approves in its first reading, while Kaliningrad becomes the tenth Russian region to enact a similar law, and Russia's Defense Ministry says the buttocks and genital areas of all new recruits should be closely examined for tattoos, which it says are strong indications of homosexuality; the U.K. government formally publishes legislation to open civil marriage to gay & lesbian couples in England and Wales, while both major political parties in Malta express support for some form of legal recognition for same-gender couples, and a select committee of the New Zealand Parliament hears testimony about the benefits of marriage equality as part of the legislative process to make it legal, but Polish lawmakers reject civil unions for lesbian & gay couples; the gay couple in Taiwan that had sued for marriage equality announces that they're dropping their case, while a court in Beijing rules that women in unhappy marriages with gay men can end them through more socially-acceptable annulment rather than divorce; the Rhode Island House overwhelmingly passes a bi-partisan marriage equality bill, while a Colorado Senate committee passes a civil unions bill along party lines; and gay American football fans can root for either team in the upcoming Super Bowl, which features Baltimore Ravens linebacker and outspoken equality ally Brendon Ayanbadejo, and San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh, who says he'd welcome a gay player on this team (written by GREG GORDON, produced this week by VASH BODDIE & STEVE PRIDE, and reported by RICK WATTS & PAMELA BROOKS) 

The second term of U.S. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA began with several gay "firsts" at his inauguration in the nation’s capital on January 21st. But everyone has been talking most about his groundbreaking invocation of a gay civil rights landmark and strong support for marriage equality – the first time those subjects have ever been part of a president’s inaugural address (hear the referenced Obama speech excerpt, followed by comments from openly gay African-American "Washington Post" columnist JONATHAN CAPEHART; and NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent ANDREA MITCHELL and "New York Magazine" editor at large FRANK RICH with MSNBC's "out" news commentator RACHEL MADDOW); and "double first" openly gay Cuban-American inaugural poet RICHARD BLANCO delivers his homage to the American experience, "ONE TODAY"   [www.msnbc.com]



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February 3, 2013

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