2/3/2013 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Feature Presentation - Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction/fantasy featuring a Victorian time period, a mad scientist/inventor and inventions, and a strange adventure story.  Our story is called 1918, and it fits all the criteria.  It comes to us from Aural Stage Productions in New York, and rated an Honorable Mention in the Mark Time Awards competition.
"It's 1918 and aliens have crash landed on the planet.  At the climax of World War I, Central Power and Allied scientists are racing to find uses for alien technology.  Triplanes and Sopwith camels are rigged with laser systems.  Believed dead after being shot down, Manfred Von Richtofen, the infamous Red Baron is restored to health as a cybornetic robot and enlisted to aid Germany in it's quest to fight the return of the aliens.  But the key to their quest lies in the hands – or rather the voice – of a talented, capable and tenacious vocalist, Evelyn Ceriwyn, and the bumbling, but charming scientist, Dr.Henry Isotope."

Written by Richard Lovejoy, directed by Samantha Mason, and produced by Matthew Beaudreau.

Special Short Subject - Bro By Numbers was performed live just two weeks ago in the Big Fun Radio Funtime! show at the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis. The first of a series of radio comedy programs at that venue, Big Fun Radio Funtime is written and performed by local Twin Cities talent.  This story was written by Matt Allex and Emily Cook, and features Gordon Smuder, Windy Bowlsby and Tim Wick.  Presented by Fearless Comedy Productions.  The next live show of the series is March 8.

Playlist Tracks: 
Richard Lovejoy - 1918
Album: 1918; Label: 1918show.com
Matt Allex & Emily Cook - Bro By Numbers
Album: Big Fun Radio Funtime!; Label: fearlesscomedyproductions.com
Air Date: 
February 3, 2013

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