2/3/2013 Wave Project


Ann O'Fallon and Marge Higgins tell stories and sing songs for kids of all ages. Bears, goblins, ducks, dragons and much more.

Engineer: David O'Sullivan.

Playlist Tracks: 
Ann O'Fallon - Little Bear, It Is Cold
Marge Higgins - The Bear, Waltzing with Bears
Ann O'Fallon - Goblin
Marge Higgins - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star; Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Ann O'Fallon - Tikki,Tikki Tembo
Marge Higgins - Six Little Ducks
Ann O'Fallon - Madeline
Marge Higgins - Puff The Magic Dragon
Ann O'Fallon - Frog and Toad, A Lost Button
Marge Higgins - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Ann O'Fallon - Ickle Me Pickle Me
Marge Higgins - I See The Moon