KFAI Executive Director Position


KFAI Executive Director Position Description

KFAI is a volunteer-based community radio station that exists to broadcast information, arts and entertainment programming for an audience of diverse racial, social and economic backgrounds. By providing a voice for people ignored or misrepresented by mainstream media, KFAI increases understanding between peoples and communities, while fostering the values of democracy and social justice.

Position Overview

The Executive Director will honor the community-based, grassroots, and social justice heritage of KFAI and will safeguard those values and mission while leading the organization into a successful future. The Executive Director will be accountable for the successful general and fiscal leadership and management of KFAI under the direction of the Board of Directors and in partnership with stakeholders. The Executive Director will consistently display a participatory leadership approach and will empower staff and volunteers.   The Executive Director will be forward thinking, creative and highly collaborative.

The Executive Director will maintain and nurture deep ties to the community and possess a proven record of accomplishment in developing and maintaining diverse partnerships and strategic alliances. The Executive Director will ensure the organization’s vibrancy, growth, and financial health within the framework of the mission and a constantly changing broadcast and nonprofit fundraising environment.

The new Executive Director will work with the board and all stakeholders to achieve the four goals of the new Strategic Plan adopted by the KFAI board in 2012.  The goals include:

  •   Expand the connection of the KFAI mission to a larger audience
  •   Catalyze new collaborations, programs and organizations that grow new and existing audiences
  •   Convene programmers, journalists, and artists to drive leadership and innovation within arts and media
  •   Build a strong and growing organization

Key Accountabilities

The Executive Director of KFAI is responsible for strategic leadership with both internal and external stakeholders. Specific Responsibilities include:

Organizational Leadership

  • Foster a workplace environment that is respectful, promotes initiative, and creates individual opportunities for growth for paid and volunteer staff.
  • Promote active and broad participation by staff and volunteers in all areas of the organization’s work.
  • Create, communicate and reinforce organization expectations for operational excellence.
  • Assure the organization has short and long-range goals and work plans that achieve its mission and strategic plan with consistent and timely progress.

Board Relations

  • Work with the Board of Directors to shape the vision for the organization’s future, actively soliciting their input on key priority issues in a timely, effective manner, and formulating recommendations for consideration by the Board.
  • Promote and support the continuous development of a strong, engaged Board.

Fiscal Responsibility

  • Work with staff; Finance Committee and the board to prepare the annual budget.
  • Develop appropriate annual and long-term financial objectives and lead the organization in consistently achieving these objectives.
  • Manage the budget to strategically grow revenue for the organization and implement growth plans in line with the strategic plan.

Fundraising and Revenue Development

  • Create annual fundraising plans that will ensure sufficient resources to meet or exceed the approved budget.
  • Drive fundraising strategies and campaigns that will lead to the future growth of the organization. 
  • Lead the creation and implementation of new strategies that increase revenues and diversify revenue sources.

Community Activity and Public Relations

  • Serve as the primary external spokesperson for the organization. 
  • Facilitate effective relationships with all external stakeholders.
  • Build collaborative alliances to further the advancement of the mission.
  • Ensure comprehensive outreach and marketing of KFAI to increase listenership and underwriting opportunities.


The Executive Director must be a strong advocate with solid nonprofit business acumen who is able to clearly articulate a strategic vision for the organization and be able to inspire staff, board, and volunteers to turn that vision into a reality.  The Executive Director must be a collaborative and experienced builder of organizations who can easily make critical decisions, take risks, and meet challenges.  In addition, the Executive Director must demonstrate his/her ability to lead a diverse workforce of paid and volunteer staff; exercise exceptional people skills including excellent communications in many mediums and types of settings; demonstrate flexibility, and a participatory leadership style in workforce management/relations and be capable and comfortable with delegation. 

The Executive Director must implement successful fundraising/donor relations involving a wide range of resources; have a track record of creative community networking/collaboration and a strong commitment to diversity/inclusivity and have experience in working in multi-racial/multi-ethnic communities/organizations. 

The successful candidate must possess exceptional written and oral skills, excellent strategic planning abilities, solid management skills, and the capacity to translate vision into results in a timely manner.

A minimum of 5-10 years of successful, progressive leadership/policy experience is required with a priority consideration for experience in broadcasting related media and/or social media.  A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree or significant equivalent experience is required. KFAI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


The salary and benefits for this position are commensurate with experience and competitive with similar nonprofit organizations. 

To Apply

Submit resume, cover letter and salary requirements by close of business Monday, May 13th, 2013 to:  search@dendros.com.   No phone calls please.