1/30/2013 Echo Chamber


Another night filled with great new releases, some classics, and a few eclectic items. Brand new releases included: Mind's Eye Dub's "Uhuru" (on DubKey); Sorian's "Out of the Box" (on MikelaBella); the excellent compilation "Dubble Trubble" (on Gravitas); the "System Ruff" single from OBF & Warrior Queen; Infinite Third's "Electronicalm"; "The Echocentrics Remixes (feat. Grant Phabao)"; and Mambutu's "Tepid Femme" (on Boom One). More recent releases from Red Star Martyrs, Jim Murple Memorial, Dub Majestic, Sly & Robbie, ACEtone Studios, and the great archival release "Sound 'n' Pressure Story" (on Reggae Archive Records) highlighting the dubplates from Fish & Goat and All Nation Rockers. DJ Baby Swiss had some fun with Little Tempo, Trio Esperanca, Lord Creator, Xavier Quijas Yxayotl, Dry & Heavy, and others, while StrangeDub included The Breadwinners, Black Uhuru, Taj Weekes & Adowa, Dubor & the Duborians, Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, and still more...

Playlist Tracks: 
*Scarbrough & Benner - Come Out and Play
Album: Dubble Trubble [various artists]; Label: Gravitas
*Red Star Martyrs - Mint Tea
Album: download; Label: soundcloud.com
*Mind's Eye Dub - Wicked Man Dub
Album: Uhuru; Label: Dubkey
*O.B.F. (Original Bass Foundation) - System Ruff (ft. Warrior Queen)
Album: System Ruff/Stop Them 12"; Label: self-release (OBF Records)
*O.B.F. (Original Bass Foundation) - Dub Ruff
Album: System Ruff/Stop Them 12"; Label: self-release (OBF Records)
Black Uhuru - Sun Is Shining
Album: The Channel One Story chap. 2; Label: VP/17 North Parade
The Breadwinners - Dub Is The Only Way
Album: Dubs Unlimited; Label: King Spinna
Jim Murple Memorial - Take Your Flight
Album: Take Your Flight, Jim; Label: Neonovo
*Infinite Third - Bedroom (Michael)
Album: Electronicalm; Label: self-release (music.infinitethird.com)
*Infinite Third - Expresso Time
Album: Electronicalm; Label: self-release (music.infinitethird.com)
*Dub Majestic - Suficiente
Album: Suficiente; Label: Noudrags
Taj Weekes & Adowa - Rain Rain
Album: A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen; Label: Jatta
*Boom One Sound System - Yogi Bushi (Shogun en Bogota remix)
Album: The Japanese Remixes; Label: Boom One
*Mambutu - Tepid Femme
Album: Tepid Femme; Label: Boom One
*All Nation Rockers - Talking Dreads (Version)
Album: Sound 'n' Pressure Story [various artists]; Label: Reggae Archive
The Meridian Brothers - Guaracha U.F.O. (Version Rebajada)
Album: Soundway Sampler [various artists]; Label: Soundway
*Sorian - Siesta Echoes
Album: Out of the Box; Label: MikelaBella
Sly & Robbie meet Dr. Das - Make a Stand
Album: Indigenous Dublands; Label: Indigenous Resistance
*Sly & Robbie - Burru Saturday
Album: Blackwood Dub; Label: Groove Attack
Corey Harris - Lambs Bread Dub
Album: Daily Bread; Label: Rounder
Dubor & the Duborians - Konfusion
Album: Wanted by Wabylon; Label: DuboRecords
Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars - Big Fat Dogs
Album: Radio Salone; Label: Cumbancha
Black Roots - Long Long Ago Dub
Album: On the Ground - Dub Version; Label: Sugar Shack
Victor Rice - Drum Thief
Album: ...In America; Label: Megalith
Little Tempo - Cucumber Dub
Album: Little Tempo meets Voices of Flowers "on the Ron Riddim"; Label: cutting edge
The Upsetters - Amigo
Album: High Plains Drifter; Label: Pressure Sounds
*Echocentrics/Grant Phabao - It's Not Too Late (McPullish's Blue Dub Mix)
Album: The Echocentrics Remixes (feat. Grant Phabao); Label: Ubiquity
*ACEtone Studios - Zeroes
Album: N/A; Label: ACEtone
Ashtech - Beat da Drum, Gringo!
Album: Walkin' Target; Label: Interchill
Little Tempo - Yemanja - Lovers Rock (ft. Trio Esperanca)
Album: Little Tempo meets Voices of Flowers "on the Ron Riddim"; Label: Cutting Edge
Manuel Galban - Bossa Cubana (ft. Trio Esperanca)
Album: Blue Cha Cha; Label: Concord Picante
Trio Esperanca - Meu Bem Lollipop
Album: Retratos; Label: EMI Brasil
Lord Creator (a.k.a. Kentrick Patrick) - Good for Creator
Album: 45; Label: Prince Buster
100th Monkey - Hoffman Dub (Albert's Bicycle Ride Mix)
Album: Planet Dub [various artists]; Label: mammOth/Planet Dog
Alpha & Omega - David and Goliath
Album: Planet Dub [various artists]; Label: mammOth/Planet Dog
Sound Alibi - Tow Hearts
Album: 12"; Label: Cooker
Dry & Heavy - Love Explosion (ft. Likkle Mai)
Album: Full Contact; Label: BSI
King Jammy/Dry & Heavy - Love Explosion Dub (ft. Likkle Mai)
Album: King Jammy meets Dry & Heavy in the Jaws of the Tiger; Label: BSI
Arthur Lyman - Legend of the Rain
Album: Bahia; Label: Hifirecord
The Drastics - Anqet
Album: Chicago Massive - the instrumentals; Label: Jump Up
The Drastics - 10(2)k(6)
Album: Chicago Massive - the instrumentals; Label: Jump Up
Vietnam All Stars - The Toughest
Album: 45; Label: Studio 1
Omars Attacks - Out of Eclipse
Album: "Strawberries from Outer Space"; Label: Jamendo
Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts - The Scenic Route
Album: The Scenic Route; Label: Palmetto
Sangue Bom - 1 A Free K (ft. Rochelove Dhayvaa)
Album: Black Star Line; Label: Do Not Cross
Dr. Echo - Star Dub
Album: ...presents Solange St. Croix - Echo Evahlastin'; Label: Anicca
VegA Musikwerkstatt - Rendered (Tokyo Tower Remix)
Album: Flugstunde 02 [various artists]; Label: Libelle
Xavier Quijas Yxayotl - Singing Earth
Album: Singing Earth; Label: Canyon
Xavier Quijas Yxayotl - Night Spirits
Album: Singing Earth; Label: Canyon
St. Germain - Dub Experience
Album: From Detroit to St. Germain; Label: F Communications
Adrian Sherwood - Stop the Bloodshed [excerpt]
Album: Becoming a Cliche; Label: Realworld
Air Date: 
January 30, 2013