1/28/2013 Sonic Pleasure

Playlist Tracks: 
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - The Wobbler
Album: The Fluid Soundbox ; Label: Mai-Tai
Mark Mallman - Double Silhouettes
Album: Double Silhouettes ; Label: Eagle's Golden Tooth
The Swallows - Long Long Shadow
Album: Witching & Divining ; Label: Self Released
Charmparticles - Gold Plated Shot
Album: Alive In The Hotspell ; Label: Terrestrial
Beady Eye - Wigwam
Album: Different Gear Still Speeding ; Label: Dangerbird
The Asteroid No 4 - In The Interest Of Captain Marbles
Album: Hail To The Clear Figurines ; Label: The Committee To Keep Music Evil
The Asteroid No 4 - Be Yourself By Yourself
Album: Hail To The Clear Figurines ; Label: The Committee To Keep Music Evil
The Sneetches - I Think It's Alright
Album: Obscure Years ; Label: Rev-Ola
The Reaction - Make Up Your Mind
Album: Make Up Your Mind-Four By Four ; Label: Waterloo Sunset
The Wayout - Do I Have To Be Here
Album: Time Moves Us On-Do I Have To Be Here ; Label: Flux
The Antiques - Dead Ringer
Album: Nicknames & Natives ; Label: Banter
Elephant's Memory - Mongoose
Album: Take It To The Streets ; Label: Metromedia
Cobra Verde - Cease To Exist
Album: Death In Small Doses ; Label: Scat/Matador
The Mushrooms - Downstairs Drops
Album: Taste Of The Mushrooms ; Label: Pegasus
Sonic Youth - Karen Revisited
Album: Murray Street ; Label: DGC
The Cynics - Nowhere To Run
Album: Declaration Of Fuzz ; Label: Glitterhouse
Wombats - The Reason Why
Album: Battle Of The Garages Part 1 ; Label: Voxx
The Damned - Neat Neat Neat
Album: Damned Damned Damned ; Label: Stiff
The Jam - In The City
Album: In The City ; Label: Polydor
The Saints - I'm Stranded
Album: I'm Stranded; Label: EMI/Sire
Stomach Mouths - Wild Trip
Album: Don't Put Me Down-Wild Trip ; Label: Sunlight
The Waist Coats - You'll Never See Me Again
Album: The Surfisticated Sounds Of The Waist Coats ; Label: Alopecia
Thee Vicars - Come On Stomp!
Album: Psychotic Beat!; Label: Dirty Water
The Woggles - She's Coming Home
Album: Soul Sizzling 7" Meltdown ; Label: Chicken Ranch
Jim Jones Revue - Rompah Stompah
Album: It's Gotta Be About Me-Rompah Stompah; Label: Play It Again Sam
The Masonics - Don't Talk To Me
Album: Royal & Ancient ; Label: Circle
Thee Headcoatees - Wild Man
Album: Girlsville ; Label: Get Hip
Thee Headcoats - Diddy Wah Diddy
Album: Bo In Thee Garage ; Label: Get Hip
The Strollers - Bad Situation
Album: Falling Right Down ; Label: Low Impact
The Windowpaynes - Green Slime
Album: Green Slime-Planet Of The Apes ; Label: Get Hip
Jimi Hendrix - Third Stone From The Sun
Album: The Jimi Hendrix Experience Box Set ; Label: MCA
Lazy Nickels - 35 Design
Album: 35 Design-Struggle For Freedom ; Label: Slug
The Aardvarks - Subconcscious Train Of Thought
Album: Subconscious Train Of Thought-Unicorn Man ; Label: Arch
Mind Garage - Asphalt Mother
Album: Asphalt Mother-Reach Out ; Label: Morning Glori
The Detours - You're The Best One I Had
Album: Quagmire Vol 3; Label: Phantom
Aztecs - What Mood
Album: What Mood-No Darlin' No ; Label: MVI
The Iguanas - I Can Only Give You Everything
Album: I Can Only Give You Everything-Leaving You Baby ; Label: Iguana
The Damascans - Go Way Girl
Album: Diane-Go Way Girl ; Label: Pyramid
The Gibsons - City Life
Album: City Life-Night And Day ; Label: Major
The Orange Peels - I Got No Time
Album: I Got No Time-Searching For A Place To Hide ; Label: Admiral
Mirage - The World Goes On Around You
Album: Carolyn-The World Goes Around You ; Label: Page One
The Cedars - I Don't Know Why
Album: We Can Fly Vol 5; Label: Past & Present
Trodden Path - In This World (I Need Love)
Album: Garagemental The Cuca Records Story Vol 2 ; Label: Ace/Big Beat
Episode Six - I Can See Through You
Album: I Can See Through You-When I Fall In Love ; Label: Pye
Serendipity - Castles
Album: If I Could-Castles ; Label: CBS
The Plastic Cloud - Dainty General Rides
Album: The Plastic Cloud ; Label: Akarma
Wimple Winch - Save My Soul
Album: Save My Soul-Everybody's Worried About Tomorrow ; Label: Fontana
The Lime Spiders - Save My Soul
Album: Out Of Control-Save My Soul ; Label: Citadel
Can - Outside My Door
Album: Monster Movie ; Label: Spoon
Can - Yoo Doo Right
Album: Monster Movie; Label: Spoon
Moby Grape - Marmalade
Album: Grape Jam ; Label: Columbia
Moby Grape - The Lake
Album: Grape Jam ; Label: Columbia
The Byrds - We'll Meet Again
Album: Mr. Tambourine Man ; Label: Columbia
The Byrds - You And Me
Album: Mr. Tambourine Man ; Label: Columbia
Air Date: 
January 28, 2013

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