11/11/2007 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


Attack of the Groovy Bushman. Sputnik, young son of the Bushman family, wants to have a tactical nuclear device, just like all the other kids on his block. But Dad isn't so sure, and can't afford it anyway. And that's just the beginning of this Python-esque post-apocalyptic tale. Excellent production, great script. Very funny. I tried to find a website where you could get more information about this story, or it's makers, The Radio Mouth Bandits, but mostly there are sites where you can download parts of the show. Even Amazon has the CD listed, but unavailable, and no information about it. Made in 1990, and increasingly obscure. But wonderfully zany for you.

Playlist Tracks: 
Radio Mouth Bandits - Attack of the Groovy Bushman
Album: Attack of the Groovy Bushman; Label: Lodestone Catalog
Capitol Steps - Ain't No Rumsfeld
Album: Springtime for Liberals; Label: Capitol Steps
Air Date: 
November 11, 2007

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