1/23/2013 Modern Kicks


Sean returns to the studio after a two-week hiatus with his arms full of new music; however, his lack of preparedness gets the better of him.

Tune in and listen as the wheels come off slowly come off the program to this amazing setlist -- including new songs from FUZZ, BLEACHED, TWERPS, UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA, and BIG EYES!

Playlist Tracks: 
The Exploding Hearts - Modern Kicks
Album: Guitar Romantic; Label: Screaming Apple; 2003
Frozen Teens - Kasota
Album: Frozen Teens; Label: Mauled By Tigers; 2012
Lunatics On Pogosticks - Suicidal Vampires
Album: Lunatics On Pogosticks EP; Label: Self-Released; 2012
The Unwed Teenage Mothers - If You Think You're Lonely Now
Album: The Unwed Teenage Mothers EP; Label: Speakertree; 2012
The Eeries - Wasting Time
Album: Home Alone; Label: Evil Weevil; 2012
Bleached - Next Stop
Album: Ride Your Heart; Label: Dead Oceans; 2013
Fuzz - This Time I Got A Reason
Album: This Time I Got A Reason (7"); Label: Trouble In Mind; 2012
Young Governor - I'm A Mess
Album: Virginia Creeper (7"); Label: Plastic Idol; 2009
Zen Mantra - Karma's A Scam
Album: How Many Padmes Hum?; Label: Muzai; 2012
Bloods - This Town
Album: This Town (Single); Label: Self-Released; 2012
Literature - Grifted
Album: Arab Spring; Label: Square of Opposition; 2012
Thee Vicars - Should Have Stayed At Home
Album: I Wanna Be Your Vicar; Label: Dirty Water; 2012
Twerps - He's In Stock
Album: Work It Out (7"); Label: Cheaper Music; 2012
The Intelligence - (They Found Me On The Back Of) The Galaxy
Album: Everybody's Got It Easy But Me; Label: In The Red; 2012
Impo & the Tents - Do The Wipers
Album: Going To The Moon (7"); Label: THH; 2012
The Murlocs - Step & Stagger
Album: The Murlocs EP; Label: Self-Released; 2012
FIDLAR - 5 to 9
Album: FIDLAR; Label: Mom + Pop; 2013
King Tuff - Anthem
Album: King Tuff; Label: Sub Pop; 2012
The Best - Black Triangle
Album: Black Triangle (7"); Label: Twistworthy; 2011
Heavy Cream - Evil Eye
Album: Super Treatment; Label: Infinity Cat; 2012
Wild Yaks - Annabelle
Album: Million Years; Label: Earnest Jennings; 2012
The See See - The Day That Was The Day
Album: Fountayne Mountain; Label: The Great Pop Supplement; 2012
Unnatural Helpers - Toil
Album: Land Grab; Label: Hardly Art; 2012
Terry Malts - Tumble Down
Album: Killing Time; Label: Slumberland; 2012
Bob Mould - Briefest Moment
Album: Silver Age; Label: Merge; 2012
Heavy Times - K-9
Album: Windian Subscription Series, Vol.1 (7"); Label: Windian; 2012
Big Eyes - Losing Touch
Album: Big Eyes/Mean Jeans (7"); Label: Dirtnap; 2013
Dinosaur Jr - Pierce the Morning Rain
Album: I Bet On Sky; Label: Jagjaguwar; 2012
The Mynabirds - Wolf Mother
Album: Generals; Label: Saddle Creek; 2012
The Delphines - Drifters
Album: Fear EP; Label: Self-Released; 2012
Tashaki Miyaki - Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
Album: Under Cover; Label: Self-Released; 2012
Unknown Mortal Ochestra - No Need For A Leader
Album: II; Label: Jagjaguwar; 2013
Moon Duo - Circles
Album: Circles; Label: Sacred Bones; 2012
Air Date: 
January 23, 2013

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