1/20/2013 Hmong American Reachout Radio Program



Hmong immigrants population as they entered the state of Minnesota, official counts.  1979-2011 the total official counts of Hmong refugees were 22,019.  In 1979 alone were 1,088.  1981 was the lowest counts 620.  In 2004 were 3,257.  We will update you of the subsequent years and comparison to other nationality and each county for the # of settlers. 
Influenza "FLU" sickness- # of sick people and the confirm deaths- according to MDH source, as of January 12, 2013, MDH has received reports of 1,842 hospitalizations due to influenza-like illness and has confirmed 60 deaths due to influenza or complications from influenza.  MDH advises that it is not too late to get vaccinated and is encouraging people to get vaccinated and protect themselves.  To find the location of a flu clinic near you, visit www.mdhflu.com.  ECHO TV program will air in Hmong and other community languages on February 4th from 8:00-9:00PM. and 11:00 PM- 12:00 AM.
Today's weather info:  Current temperature 5*F; this after noon 6*F; and tonight will be -14*F; Tomorrow High= -4*F and Low= -15*F; Tuesday High= 0* and Low= -6*F.
Playlist Tracks: 
Sua Ham - Nraug Hmoob Minnesota
Album: Hnub koj sib yuav; Label: Self Released Vol.1
Sis Loob Yaj - Txoj kev npau suav
Album: Kev hlub raug txiav vim nyob deb; Label: Self Released Vol. 1
Paj Yeeb Vaj - Hlub ib sim
Album: Hlub koj nyob deb; Label: Diamond Entertainment Vol. 2
Me Chang - Tshuav kuv tseem hlub
Album: 52 yog qhov chaw nco; Label: Self released Vol.1
Maiv Kub Xyooj - Me noog xa xov
Album: Me noog xa xov; Label: Nkauj Hmoob Pajhuam, self released
Ntxawg Hawj - Nkauj Hmoob St. Paul
Album: Txawm koj yog luag qub; Label: SKP production Vol. NTX1
Zeb Vwj - Ib sijhuam sib nrauj tag
Album: Ib sijhuam sib nrauj tag; Label: Suab Hmoob Production
Ntxoo Hawj - Nrauj tag puas siab
Album: Lam yuav txiv raws kev chim; Label: Classic video production Vol. 1
Ntxoov Hli Hawj - Koj yog kuv tug
Album: Ncu lub neej Hmoob 2004; Label: Self Released. Vol. II
Air Date: 
January 20, 2013

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