1/18/2013 The Minnesota Sound

Playlist Tracks: 
Ashtray Hearts - Books
Album: Ashtray Hearts; Label: s/r
Fire in the Northern Firs - Action at a Distance Pt. 1
Album: Pf Bones and Things; Label: Mpls Ltd
Mother Banjo Band - New
Album: The Devil Hasn't Won; Label: So Low
Pert Near Sandstone - Rueben's Train
Album: Paradise Hop; Label: s/r
GST - Charlie Dont Surf
Album: Jazz For Dad; Label: s/r
the Del Counts - Surf Dog
Album: Big Hits of Mid America; Label: Soma
The Pistons - Lust Connection
Album: Songwriter Compilation; Label: Twin Tone
The Liars - This Used To Be Love
Album: Songwriter Compilation; Label: Twin Tone
Slim Dunlap - Loud Loud Loud Guitars
Album: Big Hits of Mid America Vol. 3; Label: Twin Tone
Brute Heart - Hunter
Album: Lonley Hunter; Label: Soft Abuse
Broken Rope Feat. Brown Thunder - Capoetta
Album: Tiger Trap; Label: Insides Music
Michael Yonkers feat. Blind Shake - The New end
Album: Cold Town; Label: Soft Abuse
Limited Warranty - Serious
Album: This is Serious; Label: s/r
Left as is - Computers Tell
Album: Burden of the Beat; Label: s/r
Cold Front - -22 F
Album: Beyond the Beat; Label: Audio Con
Blue Hippos - Wintertime
Album: s/t; Label: Twin Tone
Curtis A - A Blow To Know
Album: A Scarlet Letter; Label: s/r
Lookbook - My Darkness
Album: I Fear My Darkness; Label: s/r
Air Date: 
January 18, 2013

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