1/16/2013 Echo Chamber


Another night of great new releases, some cool reggae oldies, some world sounds, and a few real eclectic items. Kicking off the fun with fresh new roots from Human Digital (on the "Doodad EP" from McPullish's Charlie's Records); Yabass Yaba Radics (featuring Michael Rose); Downtown Beat (from the album "Home" on LaFamille); Lord Hissayas (from Moshi Kamachi's excellent Earth Strong Vol. 1 compilation on KingDub); Ras Bruno (with Culture Bown & Sista Caro) on Dan Dada Records; Jashwa Moses from his upcoming 12" release on Sugar Shack; and Martin Zobel & Soulrise from the sublime "Land of the Free" album on Irie Vibrations (released June 2012). More new sounds from Black Roots, Signal Orange  (from the clubby "Flugestunde Eins" compilation from the Libelle group/label), Ephraim Juda, Kabaka Pyramid, and Mystical Weapons (Sean Lennon's latest project). In the great oldies department we had Laurel Aitken,  Yabby You (aka Yabby U), Wayne Jarrett & Silver Fox, Pablo Gad, among others. World-wise sounds coming in from Souljazz Orchestra, Rupa & the April Fishes, Novalima, Beats Antique, Dub Colossus, and others. And in DJ Baby Swiss' eclectix mix we found Emil Richards & the Microtonal Blues Band, Jah Wobble & Deep Space, Mutant Frogs, YMCK, and "Nashville Sputnik: The Deep South/Outer Space Productions of Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan".  How's that for a variety of cool sounds?

Playlist Tracks: 
*Human Digital - Dubdad
Album: Doodad EP (upcoming release); Label: Charlie's
*Yabass Yaba Radics - Playing Good Vibes (ft. Michael Rose)
Album: Community Rocker; Label: Springline
*Downtown Beat - Life Ovah Death (ft. Yeyo Perez)
Album: Home; Label: LaFamille
*Downtown Beat - Look at the Moon (ft. Eva Mena)
Album: Home; Label: LaFamille
*Lord Hissayas - Get Bass
Album: Earth Strong vol. 1 - Ice & Fire [various artists]; Label: King Dub
*Ras Bruno - Irie Up Yourself (ft. Culture Brown and Sista Caro)
Album: Caminho e Raizes; Label: Dan Dada
*Jashwa Moses - Suffering Is In the Past
Album: Jah Time has Come 12"; Label: Sugar Shack
*Jashwa Moses - Suffering Dub
Album: Jah Time has Come 12"; Label: Sugar Shack
*Signal Orange - Sun
Album: Flugestunde Eins [various artists]; Label: Libelle
King Tubby - King Tubby's Explosion Dub
Album: Trojan Dub 3cd box set; Label: Trojan
*Martin Zobel & Soulrise - Land of the Free
Album: Land of the Free; Label: Irie Vibrations
Dub Colossus - I Dub The Sound of Breaking Glass
Album: Dub Me Tender vol. 1+2; Label: Realworld
J Boog - Mystery
Album: Backyard Boogie; Label: Wash House
*Mystical Weapons - Whispers the Blue Tongue
Album: Whispers the Blue Tongue; Label: Chimera Music
Pale Rider - Free of Cold
Album: Sometimes Coffee, Sometimes Tea; Label: Cassava Outernational
Yabby You - Milk River Rock
Album: Deeper Roots; Label: Pressure Sounds
Laurel Aitken - Bad Minded Woman
Album: 45; Label: Rio
Professor (a.k.a. Harrison Stafford) - There's a Reward
Album: Throw Down your Arms; Label: Soulbeats
Irie Sol - CriminaLove
Album: N/A; Label: self-release
Felipe Lopez - Radio Space
Album: Radio Space EP; Label: Ape Choons
Novalima - Ruperta (Zeb Remix)
Album: N/A; Label: Cumbancha (Free download)
Rupa & the April Fishes - Culpa de la Luna
Album: Este Mundo; Label: Cumbancha
*Black Roots - Militancy Dub
Album: On the Ground - Dub Version; Label: Sugar Shack
*Ephraim Juda - Revolution Time (ft. Reedoo)
Album: Coming Home; Label: Urban Tree
*Kabaka Pyramid - New Year
Album: More Spiritual Riddim [various artists]; Label: Soul of the Lion
Nappy Riddem - Angle It
Album: Angle It; Label: Fort Knox
Dub Terminator - Bad Mind (Dr. Cat Remix)
Album: Babylon Annihilation; Label: Green Queen
Beats Antique - Louie's Lullaby
Album: Contraption EP vol. 2; Label: self-release
Souljazz Orchestra - Serve and Protect (Frankie Francis Sofrito Remix)
Album: Serve and Protect (Frankie Francis Sofrito Remix) single; Label: Strut
Proyecto Secreto - Green Cake
Album: Jamaica 69; Label: Zephyrus
Emil Richards & the Microtonal Blues Band - Mantra
Album: Journey to Bliss; Label: impulse!/abc
YMCK - Collect the Wind
Album: Down Town (split cd w/De De Mouse); Label: Avex
Denise Darlington - War No Right
Album: 45; Label: Studio 1
The Drastics - (most of) Najib Najib
Album: Chicago Massive - Instrumentals; Label: Jump Up
The English Beat - Doors of Your Heart (Extended)
Album: The Complete Beat 5cd box set; Label: Go Feet/SHOUT Factory
Jah Wobble & Deep Space - Manchester (DJ Baby Swiss Mix)
Album: Largely Live in Hartlepool and Manchester; Label: 30 Hertz
(mix) Jah Wobble & Deep Space - Hartlepool (DJ Baby Swiss Mix)
Album: Largely Live in Hartlepool and Manchester; Label: 30 Hertz
Mutant Frogs - Hot Sand and Rolling Waves
Album: "It's One Of Ours"; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Mutant Frogs - Skankworks in Orbit
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Mutant Frogs - Transkalactic
Album: "It's One Of Ours"; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Scientist vs. King Midas Sound - U Dub
Album: (Scientist vs. various artists.) Scientist Launches Dubstep into Outer Space; Label: Tectonic/Multiverse
King Midas Sound - U
Album: (Scientist vs. various artists) Scientist Launches Dubstep into Outer Space; Label: Tectonic/Multiverse
The Dualers - Finally Your Day Has Come
Album: Melting Pot; Label: Galley
Wayne Jarrett & Silver Fox - Saturday Night Jamboree
Album: 12" Rulers [various artists]; Label: Greensleeves
Dennis (Blackbeard) Bovell - El Passoah
Album: Brain Damage; Label: Front Line/EMI
Adrian Sherwood - A Piece of the Earth
Album: Becoming a Cliche; Label: Realworld
Giuliano Palma & the Bluebeaters - Coming In from the Cold (ft. Bunna)
Album: The Wonderful Live; Label: V2/Universal
The Silvertones - Stop Crying
Album: 12"; Label: Studio 1
Pablo Gad - Gun Fever & Dub
Album: The Best of...; Label: Reggae On Top
Michael Prophet - Gunman
Album: 12" Rulers; Label: Greensleeves
Jacqueline Hyde & the Moonfolk - Runaway (DJ Baby Swiss Mix)
Album: Nashville Sputnik [various artists]; Label: Omni
Jack Blanchard Group - Gemini (DJ Baby Swiss Mix)
Album: Nashville Sputnik [various artists]; Label: Omni
Mutant Frogs - Lymedison [excerpt]
Album: "It's One Of Ours"; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Air Date: 
January 16, 2013