1/14/2013 Sonic Pleasure

Playlist Tracks: 
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - The Wobbler
Album: The Fluid Soundbox ; Label: Mai-Tai
Laika & The Cosmonauts - Syncophant
Album: In Absurdistan; Label: Yep Roc
Laika & The Cosmonauts - Disconnected
Album: In Absurdistan ; Label: Yep Roc
X-Ray Tango - Spymaster Theme
Album: Spy Infidelity ; Label: Aerojet
REM - All The Way To Reno (You're Gonna Be A Star)
Album: Reveal ; Label: Warner Bros
Son Volt - Drown
Album: Retrospective 1995-2000 ; Label: Warner Bros/Rhino
Starlight Mints - Sesame (Untie The Wrath)
Album: Change Remains ; Label: Barsuk
Shuggie Otis - Strawberry Letter 23
Album: Inspiration Information ; Label: Luaka Bop
Stereo Total - Chewing Gum
Album: Paris Berlin ; Label: Kill Rock Stars
Moon - I Wanna Know
Album: Flight Logs ; Label: Zone 8
Modey Lemon - Trapped Rabbits
Album: The Curious City ; Label: Birdman
Psycho Surgeons - Horizontal Action
Album: Horizontal Action-Wild Weekend ; Label: Wallaby Beat
The Weather Machines - The Latest In Company Brides
Album: The Sounds Of Pseudoscience ; Label: Tigers Against Crime!!!
Painted Air - You Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down On My Knees
Album: Born Without Mistakes ; Label: Swamp Room
April March & The Makers - I Just Might Crack
Album: April March Sings Along With The Makers ; Label: Sympathy For The Record Industry
The Psykicks - I'll Be Gone
Album: Ignition ; Label: Sound Effect Records
Tame Impala - Runway Houses City Clouds
Album: Innerspeaker ; Label: Modular
Secret Saucer - Protoplasmic Accelerator
Album: Tri-Angle Waves ; Label: Salad Farm Studio
The Mulchmen - Ripchord
Album: Greetings From Planet Stupider ; Label: Big Beef
Man Or Astroman - Polaris
Album: What Remains Inside A Black Hole ; Label: Au Go Go
The Fathoms - Cruisin' The Zone
Album: Overboard; Label: Musick
New Albanian Riots - B-31
Album: The Cream Of The Stars ; Label: Smiley Jones
Jimi Hendrix - Third Stone From The Sun
Album: The Jimi Hendrix Experience Box Set ; Label: MCA
Sage & Seer - Pictures Through A Sunday Afternoon
Album: Sage & Seer ; Label: Stylist
Bear - It's Getting Very Cold Outside
Album: Greetings Children Of Paradise ; Label: Verve
Herman's Hermits - It's Alright Now
Album: Here Comes The Star-It's Alright Now ; Label: Columbia
The Thundering Heard - Daisy Prism
Album: High All The Time Vol 2 ; Label: Past & Present
MIJ - Grok (Martian Love Call)
Album: Yodeling Astrologer ; Label: Jackpot
The Pulse - Burritt Bradley
Album: Can Can Girl-Burritt Bradley ; Label: Atco
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Codine
Album: Revolution Sdtk ; Label: United Artists
(R) The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard
Album: The Seeds ; Label: GNP/Crescendo
The Charlatans - Alabama Bound
Album: The Amazing Charlatans ; Label: Ace/Big Beat
The Mystery Trend - Carl Street
Album: So Glad I Found You ; Label: Ace/Big Beat
The Great Society - Somebody To Love
Album: Conspicuous Only In Its Absence ; Label: Columbia
The Ace Of Cups - Glue
Album: It's Bad For You But Buy It ; Label: Ace/Big Beat
The Original Caste - One Tin Soldier
Album: One Tin Soldier ; Label: Bell
Coven - One Tin Soldier
Album: One Tin Soldier 45; Label: MGM
Kak - Lemonaide Kid
Album: Kak ; Label: Epic
Seatrain - Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Lady
Album: Seatrain ; Label: A&M
It's A Beautiful Day - White Bird
Album: It's A Beautiful Day ; Label: Columbia
Salvation - Think Twice
Album: Salvation ; Label: ABC
The Buddhas - My Dream
Album: My Dream-Lost Innocence ; Label: Shell Dee
The Dukes - I'm A Unskilled Worker
Album: Essential Pebbles Vol 3 ; Label: AIP
Rochelle Rosenthal & The Kickball Queen - Lottery
Album: Lottery ; Label: Super Bolt
Sagittarius - The Truth Is Not Real (Single)
Album: The Truth Is Not Real ; Label: Columbia
Love - You Set The Scene
Album: Forever Changes ; Label: Elektra
The Byrds - We'll Meet Again
Album: Mr. Tambourine Man ; Label: Columbia
The Byrds - You And Me
Album: Mr. Tambourine Man ; Label: Columbia
Air Date: 
January 14, 2013

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