1/9/2013 Echo Chamber


Looking forward to a new year of dubwise music, Dr. StrangeDub did a 2012 retrospective in the first half of the show. First up was the choice new "On the Ground - Dub Version" album from Black Roots (on Sugar Shack), followed by Aldubb's excellent "Welcome to Bassland" (on One-Drop). Then came two rootical new releases on Urban Tree: Simon Grohe's "Rot EP" and Benjie's "Gelobtes Land" album. Also new tonight: the cool new "Light like a Feather" single from Jesse Royal; the nice 2-CD "Marcia Griffiths and Friends" collection (on VP Records); the hot "Angle It EP" from Nappy Riddem (on Fort Knox); and SXtheMadArtist's sublime "in HrZland" EP (released on Christmas day). Also in the 2012 retrospective were Pale Rider, Nneka, Kukan dub Lagan, Ras Sis Highness, Adrian Sherwood, Bandulu Dub, Quantic And His Combo Barbaro (feat. Alice Russell), The Breadwinners, Celt islam, and A Man Called PJ. Filling out the show with King Tubby, Tommy McCook & Aggrovators, Dread Daze,  Blondub Sexy Sound, Kadubra (Earth-Ground Combination Remix), Benny Bennet & his Orchestra, Mouse on Mars, Mikus, AB2G, Dennis "Blackbeard" Bovell, Shiina Ringo, Jah Wobble & Deep Space, The Slits, and more...

Playlist Tracks: 
*Black Roots - Slavery Dub
Album: On the Ground - Dub Version; Label: Sugar Shack
*Aldubb - Czas Plynie Dub (ft. Diana Levi)
Album: Welcome to Bassland; Label: One-Drop
*Simon Grohe - Rot
Album: Rot EP; Label: Urban Tree
*Benjie - Dieser Mann
Album: Gelobtes Land; Label: Urban Tree
Pale Rider - Garden Dub
Album: Sometimes Coffee, Sometimes Tea; Label: Cassava Outernational
Juakali - Standing Firm
Album: Dreadbass Soundsystem; Label: Foreign Familiar
*SXtheMadArtist - Volcanos and Rivers
Album: in HrZland; Label: self release
African Head Charge - Undulating
Album: Voodoo of the Godsent; Label: On-U Sound
Nneka - My Home
Album: Soul Is Heavy; Label: Decon Inc
Ras Sis Highness - Temptation
Album: Temptation; Label: Springline
Kukan Dub Lagan - Positive Darkness
Album: Dark Side of the Mood; Label: MikelaBella
Blondub Sexy Sound - Love Me
Album: God Bless the Empress; Label: iMusic
Quantic And His Combo Barbaro - Look Around the Corner (instrumental)
Album: Look Around the Corner Single (Feat. Alice Russell); Label: Tru Thoughts Records
Andrea Parker - Return o the Rocking Chair
Album: Kiss My Arp - The Instrumentals; Label: Beggars UK
Prince Jammy - Opium Den Dub
Album: Kamikazi Dub; Label: Greensleeves/VP
The King Lion - Opium
Album: Wakie Wakie; Label: Tone Catz
The Breadwinners - Harp Dub
Album: Dubs Unlimited; Label: King Spinna
Kadubra - Roots & Culture (Earth-Ground Combination Remix)
Album: cd single; Label: siodemki.com
Adrian Sherwood - Balance
Album: Survival & Resistance; Label: On-U Sound
*Jesse Royal - Light like a Feather
Album: cd single; Label: Crash Dummy Music
*Bandulu Dub (ft. Vuelo & Sista Caro) - Donnez Moi L'Irie
Album: Hyder Flares EP; Label: Original Dub Gathering
Prince Buster (ft. Lee Perry) - Judge Dread
Album: 45; Label: Blue Beat
*Marcia Griffiths - Childish Games (ft. Buju Banton)
Album: Marcia Griffiths & friends; Label: VP
*Nappy Riddem - DTA (Dub Architect Remix)
Album: Angle It EP; Label: Fort Knox
King Tubby, Tommy McCook & Aggrovators - The Dub Station
Album: King Tubby Meets the Aggrovators at Dub Station; Label: Sanctuary Records / Fontana
Dread Daze - Murder in the Name of Religion
Album: Di Wall; Label: self release (bandcamp.com)
Mikus - Under Fire (Dub for Gaza)
Album: Rain Down Dub; Label: Planet Terror Records
Celt Islam - Al Khider (Green Man)
Album: Baghdad; Label: Ajnavision Records
A Man Called PJ - Noisy Trouble Dub
Album: download; Label: soundcloud.com
Benny Bennet & his Orchestra - The Man in Black
Album: Let's Go Latin; Label: Seeco
JJ Session - Groove9
Album: Caribbean Jazz vol. 1; Label: self release
Herbie Hancock - Rain Dance
Album: Sextant; Label: Columbia
Xavier Quijas Yxayotl - Fire Dance
Album: Singing Earth; Label: Canyon
Dennis "Blackbeard" Bovell - Binoculars
Album: I Wah Dub; Label: More Cut/EMI
AB2G - Solamente Dub
Album: Echo Chamber - Around the World in Dub vol. 1&2 [various artists]; Label: Dan Dada
Mouse on Mars - Port Dusk
Album: Glam; Label: Warner/Chappell
Mouse on Mars - Grindscore
Album: Glam; Label: Warner/Chappell
Scientist vs. Mala (Digital Mystikz) - City Cycle Dub
Album: Scientist Launches Dubstep into Outer Space; Label: Tectonics/Multiverse
Mala (Digital Mystikz) - City Cycle
Album: Scientist Launches Dubstep into Outer Space; Label: Tectonics/Multiverse
The Slits - Babylon
Album: Trapped Animal; Label: Narnack
Perfume - 23:30
Album: One Room Disco single; Label: Tokuma Japan
Let's Go Bowling - Electric Bread
Album: Stay Tuned; Label: Liberation
Dub Majestic - Stepping Forward
Album: Echo Chamber - Around the World in Dub vol. 1&2 v.a.; Label: Dan Dada
The Specials - Man at C&A
Album: More Specials; Label: Chrysalic/2Tone
Little Dragon - Test (live @ Jazz.Re:Found festival)
Album: N/A; Label: Peacefrog Recordings video (YouTube.com)
Ferrante & Teicher - Peg Leg Meringue
Album: Soundblast - The Sound of Tomorrow Today; Label: Westminster
Bobby Ellis, Don Drummond Jr. (Vin Gordon) & Glen Brown - Determination Skank
Album: Check the Winner [various artists]; Label: Greensleeves
Mad Professor - Big Ben Gone Wrong
Album: Dub Maniacs on the Rampage; Label: Ariwa
Impact All Stars - Shining Dub
Album: Forward the Bass - Dub from Randy's; Label: B&F/Randy's
Shiina Ringo - Shuukyou
Album: Karuki Zamen Kuri no Hana; Label: Toshiba/EMI
Jah Wobble & Deep Space - Rimshot
Album: Largely Live in Hartlepool and Manchester; Label: 30 Hertz
Air Date: 
January 9, 2013