1/9/2013 Modern Kicks


No new episode tonight.  DJ Tarik Thornton takes the wheel and provides an exciting two hour set of music that includes lots of rare funk and soul stuff.

Playlist Tracks: 
Shirley Ellis - Soul Time
Album: Shirley Ellis (45); Label: Columbia
Edwin Starr - Headline News
Album: Edwin Starr (45); Label: Motown
Temptations - Girl Why U Wanna Make Me Blue
Album: Temptations (45); Label: Gordy
Five Stairs Steps - Change of Pace
Album: Five Stairs Steps (45); Label: Windy City
Frank Wilson - Do I Love You
Album: Frank Wilson (45); Label: Soul
Lou Ragland - I Travel Alone
Album: Lou Ragland (45); Label: Amy
Richard Temple - That Beatin Rhythm
Album: Richard Temple (45); Label: Mirwood
Rita Dacosta - Don't Bring Me Down
Album: Rita Dacosta (45); Label: Mohawk
Betty Boo - Say It Isn't So
Album: Betty Boo (45); Label: Grapevine
Helmet Hunter - I Was Born To Love You
Album: Helmet Hunter (45); Label: Spar
Smokey Robinson & the Miracles - The Soulful Shack
Album: Make It Happen/The Tears of a Clown; Label: Tamia
Eddie Parker - Love You Baby
Album: Eddie Parker (45); Label: Ashford
Earnest Mosely - Stubborn Heart
Album: Earnest Mosely (45); Label: Cindy
Mr. Flood's Party - Compared To What
Album: Mr. Flood's Party (45); Label: Boaldog
Willie Kandvile - Change Your Ways
Album: Willie Kandvile (45); Label: RCA
Bobby Hebb - Love Love Love
Album: Bobby Hebb (45); Label: Philips
Curtis Blander - In The Long Run
Album: Curtis Blander (45); Label: Wand
The Four Sonics - Tell Me Your Name
Album: The Four Sonics (45); Label: Sepia
Irma & the Fascinations - You Need Love
Album: Irma & the Fascinations (45); Label: Priority
Yum Yums - Gonna Be A Big Thing
Album: Yum Yums (45); Label: ABC/Paramont
The Ladybirds - Heard Some Boy
Album: The Ladybirds (45); Label: Lawn
Dave Brady - Riding High
Album: Dave Brady (45); Label: Darby
Anita Anderson - Secretly
Album: Anita Anderson (45); Label: Contact
Frankie Beverly & the Butlers - If That's What You Wanted
Album: Frankie Beverly & the Butlers (45); Label: Out Of The Past
Volcanos - Against the Laws of Love
Album: Volcanos (45); Label: Antic
Nolan Chance - Just Like the Weather
Album: Nolan Chance (45); Label: Constellation
Eddie Kendricks - Date with the Rain
Album: Eddie Kendricks (45); Label: Tamila
Eula Cooper - Let Our Love Grow Higher
Album: Eula Cooper (45); Label: Super Sound
Lee Williams & the Cymbals - It's Everything About U
Album: Lee Williams & the Cymbals (45); Label: Carnival
Philharmonics - Everytime I Think About You
Album: Philharmonics (45); Label: Soulin
Wiles Wallace - Somebody I Know
Album: Wiles Wallace (45); Label: BRC
The Ambassador - Good Love Gone Bad
Album: The Ambassador (45); Label: Atlanta
Bobby Tones - Talkin 'Bout Jones
Album: Bobby Tones (45); Label: Expo
Bobby Reed - Time Is Right For Love
Album: Bobby Reed (45); Label: Bell
Carol Anderson - Holding OK
Album: Carol Anderson (45); Label: Midtown
Mirlanda Shaw - California Soul
Album: Mirlanda Shaw (45); Label: Cadet
McKenning - Sweet Perfume
Album: McKenning (45); Label: Block + Proud
Lee Porsey - A Loner Was Born
Album: Lee Porsey (45); Label: Aory
Le Peppelrosse - Gimme What You Got
Album: Ultimate Bricks; Label: UBB
Dennis Alcapone - Musical Liquidator
Album: Dennis Alcapone (45); Label: Trojan
Dennis Alcapone - In the Spirit
Album: Dennis Alcapone (45); Label: Trojan
Air Date: 
January 9, 2013

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