11/8/2007 The Dakota Dave Hull Show


*Hull, Dakota Dave* : New Shirt
*Helm, Levon* : False Hearted Lover Blues
*Expatriate Game* : The Blackbird
*Cash, Johnny* : Highway Patrol
*Sweet, Alec Stone* : The Connemara Stocking
*Helm, Levon* : Poor Old Dirt Farmer
*Allison, Mose* : Ever Since the World Ended
*O'Brien, Tim* : Masters of War
*Staples, Mavis* : Eyes on the Prize
*Haggard, Merle* : What Happened?
*Troublesome Creek* : I Got a Bulldog
*Dillof, Rice the Cuyahogians* : Baby, Call Your Dog Off
*Tanner, Adam* : Sic 'Em Dogs On
*Serrapere, Jo the Wille Dunns* : Sweet Ann Arbor Days
*Graham, Mark* : No Democracy In Heaven
*Elliot, Ramblin' Jack* : Pretty Boy Floyd
*Hurwitz, Michael* : Tom Horn
*Expatriate Game* : A Youth Inclined to Ramble
*Chieftains with Ry Cooder* : Coast of Malabar
*Van Ronk, Dave* : Sweet and Lowdown
*Holiday, Billie* : Porgy and Bess
*Graham, Mark* : Life Is Hard When You're Dumb
*Sweet, Alec Stone* : Mrs, Poer or the Concerto
*Sweet, Alec Stone* : Squire Wood's Lamentation on the Loss of His Half Pence
*Sweet, Alec Stone* : Mona Vu
*Sweet, Alec Stone* : The Rights of Man
*Helm, Levon* : Wide River to Cross
*Hull, Dakota Dave* : Bigtop Waltz

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November 8, 2007

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