12/30/2012 Root Of All Evil

Playlist Tracks: 
Disembodied - Blooshed Rain
Album: If Only God Knew the Rest; Label: Ferret Music
Weekend Nachos - Black Earth
Album: Worthless; Label: Deep Six Records
Massakari - Rapid Dominance
Album: The Profit Feeds; Label: Southern Lord
No Class - No Class
Album: No Class; Label: Self Released
Xibalba - Laid To Rest
Album: Hasta De Muerte; Label: Southern Lord
ACxDC - Leech
Album: Second Coming; Label: To Live A Lie Records
Nails - I Will Not Follow
Album: Unsilent Death; Label: Southern Lord
Mourner - Knives Twist
Album: The Rising End; Label: Self Released
In Defence - Lessons In Headbanging
Album: Into The Sewer; Label: Learning Curve
Harms Way - Breeding Grounds
Album: Isolation; Label: Closed Casket Activities
Black Breath - Black Sin
Album: Heavy Breathing; Label: Southern Lord
Negative Approach - Nothing
Album: Total Recall; Label: Touch & Go Records
Noose - Fuck
Album: Demo; Label: Self Released
Spine - Release
Album: Subhuman; Label: Self Released
Take Offense - No Tomorrow
Album: Tables Will Turn; Label: Reaper Records
Integrity - Psychological Warfare
Album: Humanity Is The Devil; Label: Victory Records
The Exploited - Alternative
Album: Troops Of Tomorrow; Label: Anagram Records
Tragedy - Call To Arms
Album: Vengeance; Label: Tragedy Records
Merauder - Time Ends
Album: Master Killer; Label: Century Media
Lack Of Interest - Never Back Down
Album: Take Another Step; Label: Deep Six Records
New Lows - Plaguegrounds
Album: Harvest Of The Carcass; Label: Deathwish Inc.
Behemoth - Conquer All
Album: Demigod; Label: Regain Records
Iceage - You're Blessed
Album: New Brigade; Label: What's Your Rupture
Dillinger Four - Maximum Piss & Vinegar
Album: Versus God; Label: Hopeless Records
Blitz - Never Surrender
Album: Voice Of A Generation; Label: Anagram Punk UK
Cro Mags - World Peace
Album: Age Of Quarrel; Label: Profile
Deathhaven - Libertine
Album: Demo; Label: Self Released
Beartrap - Overbearing
Album: Nailed Shut; Label: To Live A Lie Records
Wildchild - Just A Thought
Album: Demo; Label: Self Released
Carpathian Forest - In league With Satan (Venom)
Album: We're Going to Hell for This - Over a Decade of Perversions; Label: Avantgarde Music
Lard - Peeling Back The Foreskin Of Liberty
Album: Pure Chewing Satisfaction; Label: Alternative Tentacles
Ministry - Lies Lies Lies
Album: Rio Grande Blood; Label: 13th Planet Records
Ministry - Double Tap
Album: EP; Label: 13th Planet Records
Ministry - United Forces
Album: Relapse; Label: 13th Planet Records
Rigor mortis - Re-Animator
Album: Rigormortis; Label: Capitol Records
Rigor mortis - Wizard Of Gore
Album: Rigormortis; Label: Capitol Records
Rigor mortis - Mummified
Album: Rigormortis vs. Earth; Label: Triple X
Early Graves - Skinwalker
Album: Red Horse; Label: No Sleep Records
Galvano - Bleeding Lamb
Album: Two Titans; Label: Devouter Records
Holy Terror - Oede -Soper Hver En Krok
Album: Oede - One Man's Thrash; Label: Self Released
Riverge - Monsters die
Album: Raid For Riverging; Label: Rock Stakk Records
Okkultokrati - Unconcious Mind
Album: Snakereigns; Label: Fysisk Format
Hammercult - The Damned
Album: Anthems Of The Damned; Label: Sonic Attack
Scythe - Tunguska Death Ray
Album: Beware The Scythe; Label: Primitive Reaction
Knelt Rote - Usurpation
Album: Trespass; Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions
Aura Noir - Deathwish
Album: Out To Die; Label: Indie Recordings
Master - Rise Up and Fight
Album: The New Elite; Label: Pulverised Records
Weapon - Liber Lilith
Album: Embers and Revelations; Label: Relapse Records
Grave - Passion of the Weak
Album: Endless Procession of Souls; Label: Century Media Records
Grand Supreme Blood Court - Behead The Defence
Album: Bow Down Before the Blood Court; Label: Century Media Records
Slaughtered Priest - Order To Kill
Album: Confess Your Sins; Label: Floga Records
Mutilation Rites - Blood Will Tell
Album: I Am Legion; Label: Gilead Media
Unleashed - The Great Battle Of Odalheim
Album: Odalheim; Label: Nuclear Blast
Nile - The Fiends Who Come to Steal the Magick of the Deceased
Album: At the Gate of Sethu; Label: Nuclear Blast
Manticore - In Nomine Satanas
Album: Behold the Ascension of the Execrated; Label: Deathgasm Records
Unreation's Dawn - Jaws Of Pestilence
Album: Holy Empire Of Rats; Label: No Sign of Life Records
Entrapment - Catatonic Rites
Album: The Obscurity Within; Label: Soulseller Records
AEvangelist - Blood & Darkness
Album: De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis; Label: I, Voidhanger Records
Strynn - Degeneracy
Album: Decadence; Label: Self-released/independent
Behexen - Temple of the Silent Curses
Album: Nightside Emanations; Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Alchemyst - Temple Of Medusa
Album: Nekromanteion; Label: Necroshrine Records
0N0 - We Shred Your Dreams
Album: Plus Ultra; Label: Self-released/independent
John Zorn - Prophetic Souls
Album: Templars-In Sacred Blood; Label: Tzadik
Arjen Anthony Lucassen - The New Real
Album: The New Real; Label: Inside Out Music
Storm Corrosion - Storm Corrosion
Album: Storm Corrosion; Label: Roadrunner Records
Ulver - Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1) (Pink Floyd)
Album: Oddities and Rarities #1; Label: Jester Records
Air Date: 
December 30, 2012

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